Is Wild Hearts on Xbox Game Pass? Answered

Want to give the game a try before you buy?

Image via EA

Xbox Game Pass has become so popular that it is often the first place people look to when a game is about to release. It makes too much sense considering you pay a monthly subscription to have access to the library whenever you want. With all of this in mind, many in the Monster Hunter community will be giving Wild Hearts a long look. Should they expect to see it appear in their Game Pass library?

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Can you play Wild Hearts in Xbox Game Pass?

As of this writing, Wild Hearts is not fully in Xbox Game Pass. That being said, it is a game made by EA, and you can download a ten-hour trial run of the game if you are a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber since EA Play comes along with that deal. On Xbox, find the Wild Hearts Standard Edition entry in the store and select Free Trial with EA Play to download it. If you are on PC, you will have to download it through the EA launcher with your Game Pass Ultimate account signed in.

During this free trial, you will have full access to the game and can earn achievements and carry your progress over if you decide to purchase the game. It will be slightly discounted for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers if you decide to do this. Every time you go to start the game, it will alert you how much time you have left until your trial has run out. Ten hours should be enough time to decide if you want to put money down on it and continue your hunting.

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As with other EA titles, Wild Hearts will likely make a full transition into being in Game Pass in about a year or so. Until then, unless you buy it, your only option is the trial included for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.