It Takes Two – A Daring Devil achievement guide

The Evel Knievel of the toy world.

It Takes Two

Screenshot by Gamepur

It Takes Two is a charming and fun co-op platformer, with plenty of secrets and hidden gems to uncover as you go along. You can find one such secret in the Rose’s Room chapter of the game, a funny and charming (if not slightly dark) little event, that when happened upon and completed, grants the A Daring Devil trophy or achievement. The description states, “Put on a show and die trying.”

In the ball section of Rose’s Room, both May and Cody alternate activating platforms made of blocks; there’s a Rodeo minigame that can be discovered and played. Past that and sequestered in a nest of cushions and stacked boxes is a toy car. One player can get in the car, and the other can pull it around the little roads while aiming for the hoop suspended in the air. As you pull backwards, you wind up the car, increasing its speed. If your aim and acceleration ring true, the car flies in the air, through the hoop, and crashes which earns the A Daring Devil achievement.

If you mess up, you’re free to try as many times as you want since death is extremely cheap for these toy bodies. The key to getting the car through the hoop is to, most importantly, center and aim as accurately as you can. There’s a lot less margin for error in this step, as the space within the hoop is pretty small, and if you hit the edges, you’ll have to restart. Once everything is lined up, judging how much to pull back the car can be tricky. But by experimenting through increasing or decreasing the windup in small increments, you should figure out the proper speed for the right height in no time.