Jugger-not achievement/trophy guide in Back 4 Blood

This Breaker is on fire!

Image via Turtle Rock Studios

The Breaker is a special mutated Ridden you will come across in Back 4 Blood. This heavily armored and very strong beast will remind many people of the Tank from Left 4 Dead, but it very much acts differently. For starters, it does not pick up rubble and throw it at you, and it is also distinctly slower than the Tank. While it is slower, it is known to jump around the area and smash the ground you stand on. You can use this to your advantage, though, and make him hurt himself for the Jugger-not achievement or trophy. Here is how to do so.

The main point of this achievement or trophy is to get the Breaker to hop into a gasoline can. When you first meet the Breaker in Act 1, A Clean Sweep, he will be bursting out of a garage at a gas station. Look around the area for a gasoline can. The Game Director might change up the location of the can each time you play, but for us, there were multiple sitting in the truck nearby the gas pumps. If you do not see any at all, start a new run.

Screenshot by Gamepur

All you need to do is make the Breaker do his jumping attack towards you, but have him land near the gas can so that he explodes it and catches himself on fire. The easiest way to do this is to just stand by it and wait for him to jump, but there are times you can throw it out, and he will break it anyway.