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Juggernaut game mode in Splitgate explained

Become the Juggernaut.
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Splitgate Beta Season 2 has developer 1047 Games adding three new game modes to the rotation for players to participate in. While the focus for many people will be on the team-oriented modes, free for all is also getting a new game type to play. Here is an explanation of Juggernaut and how you can win it.

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Juggernaut game mode explained in Splitgate

What is Juggernaut?

Juggernaut is a new free for all game mode that begins with assigning one random player as the Juggernaut. That person will need to survive as long as possible without dying to rack up points and win. The other players in the match will all be hunting that target and trying to take them down. Whoever gets the last hit on the Juggernaut will overtake that title.

When you are the Juggernaut, you will not be able to place any portals around the map. You will have more health and speed, but with everyone gunning for you, you will be in danger at all times, so you will need to fight for your life and decide if jumping through an enemy’s portal is worth the risk.

How to win a Juggernaut match

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Winning a Juggernaut match simply comes down to surviving long enough when you have the title. If you can avoid enemy fire for long enough, you will come out on top. As mentioned above, you cannot place portals to help you make a quick escape from dire situations, so using your speed and health to escape times where you are outnumbered is paramount to your success.

When someone else is a Juggernaut, you want to be hunting them down at all times. You can see their location wherever they are, so you always have an idea of where they can be headed. Timing is key since the only way to claim the Juggernaut title for yourself is to land the killing blow on the target. Sometimes, you just need to be lucky with everyone else firing at them.

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