Knockout City – Tips to play better on Back Alley Brawl

Tight corners, dark alleyways, and colorful piping. What more could you want?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Back Alley Brawl is the most claustrophobic map you can get in Knockout City. There are tons of tight hallways with corners, very little open area for big battles, and pipes racing overhead to transport players from one side of the map to the other. Simply put, when you get this map in the rotation, be ready for an all-out war. If you have found yourself struggling to succeed on Back Alley Brawl, here are some tips to help you turn things around.

Practice curving your throws

Screenshot by Gamepur

With so many corners and obstructions placed throughout Back Alley Brawl, you will want to use a curveball throw to nail any enemies trying to take refuge behind a wall or pipe. Using the curve throw effectively will make cover meaningless for the enemy team and make them stay on the tips of their toes.

Use the pipes for more than travel

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The green, red, and yellow pipes that run over the top of the map are more than decoration pieces. There are specific entry and exit locations that you will want to keep in the back of your mind, but honestly, the best uses of these are for more than travel.

For starters, traveling through one of the tubes is great for learning where the enemy is located. If you tilt the camera down while you are rushing overhead, you will see the outlines of all players in the game, including the other team.

But wait, there’s more! If you are situated near the entrance to a pipe, and an enemy has thrown a ball your way, you can quickly jump into the tube to evade any assault. Just be sure to watch your back for anyone chasing you when you get out on the other side.

Don’t get cornered by the enemy

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There are many areas in Back Alley Brawl where you can get tucked into a corner. For example, at the exit of the yellow tube, you could find yourself in a situation where your only escape route is jumping off the map. To avoid this, try to stick in the area of the green tube entrance or the open space in front of the red tube exit. We recommend not staying in the structure in the middle of the map since there are so many entryways that you could easily get ambushed.

Most useful special balls

  • The Multi Ball is the most beneficial special ball as it equips you with three throws, so even if you are outnumbered, you have a fighting chance in any encounter.
  • The Bomb Ball is excellent for damaging enemies clustered together in alleyways. If you can’t find any targets before it explodes, throw it in a pipe.
  • If you get the Cage Ball, anyone you trap in it has minimal options for escape from you picking them up and throwing them. There is a pit surrounding the middle structure, as well as on both sides of the yellow pipe.
  • The Sniper and Moon Balls have the least use on Back Alley Brawl because of the cramped conditions. The Sniper needs a lot of time to charge, and it is unlikely you’ll be throwing it across the map at anyone. The Moon Ball simply does better in open areas, so using it here will just lead to a compacted mess. If either of them is selected as the match’s special ball, consider avoiding them for regular balls.