How to curve your throw in Knockout City – Curveball guide

No! My only weakness! The rotation of a ball causing it to travel a different path through the air!

Screenshot by Gamepur

When playing Dodgebrawl in Knockout City, you want to keep your opponent on the tips of their toes at all times. If you let them get comfortable and figure out your tendencies with a ball in your hand, you are unlikely to knock them out and can quickly revert yourself from the offensive to the defensive. With that in mind, changing up the arc of your throws can really come in handy. Here is how to throw curve your throw in Knockout City.

Throwing curveballs in Knockout City is quite simple, but it’s not really something that the game will tell you upfront. First, start to charge up your throw. Then, do a spin jump (A on Nintendo, E on PC, Circle on PlayStation, or B on Xbox) and let go of your throw. Your character will do their spinning jump that the game advertises as a double jump and whirl the ball to the side, letting it curve back towards your target.

Curve throws can be good for throwing your target off balance. They may usually be looking for the straight throw that most people use, and just that little bit of uneasiness can be their downfall. It is also great for throwing near structures because the ball will curve around pillars and other environmental items and still go for the target, making the curve a valuable tool for trying to hit an enemy taking cover.