Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening On Switch – Bottle Grotto Walkthrough – Imprisoned Pols Voice

The Bottle Grotto in Link’s Awakening is one of the early dungeons in the game, and you will need to learn all it’s secrets to get the musical instrument you need.

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You will head for Bottle Grotto in Link’s Awakening after you rescue BowWow from the Moblins. Make your way through the Goponga Swamp and BowWow will eat the flowers there, allowing you to get access to Bottle Grotto.

Link’s Awakening – Bottle Grotto Walkthrough

Bottle Grotto Walkthrough

Ignore the first room. You cannot access the chest. Go through the north door and use Magical Powder to light the two braziers on top of the raised dais. You will cause the entrance to the east to open, so go through there. In the next room, you need to take out the two skeleton enemies to cause a key to drop from the above.

Stone Beak

Go back to the room where you lit the braziers and use the key on the locked door going west. There are traps in this room that rush towards you if you cross in front of them, so be careful. Kill the bats, and the door to the north opens up. Go through the door, and jump the gap to get to the chest. Make sure to dodge the beetle as you jump. But when you land knock him into the hole. Kicking the beetle over opens the door. Grab the Stone Beak from the chest, and then leave through the opened door.


Now, go back to the room where you fought the two skeletons. Head south through the locked door, where you will find a Mask Mimic. You can kill him by using a charged sword attack then moving so that you are back to back. When you let go of the sword button, you will do a spin attack, killing him. A chest appears containing the compass.

Get Some Keys

Crystal Bottle Grotto

Up next, we need to get some keys. First, leave the compass room by going north, then head east. Hit the crystal and head south where the barrier dropped. You will find more blocks and another crystal. Hit it to make the blocks drop-down, and get the chest to get you a key.

Leave the blocks down, then go east. Jump the gaps, and grab the Magic Powder walking over the button to make a chest appear. Doing so gives you another key.

Now, go north, take out the Mimics as you did before to make another key fall from the ceiling. It goes behind a barrier, so head south to the jumping room, then west, then north, and then east to pick it up.

The Mini-Boss

Retrace your steps to the room where you killed the two Mimics (on the other side of the barrier), and then head east to open the locked door. Push the two blocks to cover the blue tiles, then take the stairs that appear.

Make your way through the underground, then exit using the ladder. You will see a wall panel to the north, walk up to it and you will spin through to the other side.

Now you need to fight Hinox. He grabs you if you get too close, and make sure you don’t fall through the cracks in the ground. Keep your distance, hitting him when you can, and avoid getting grabbed.

The Map

Ignore the warp point that appears, and depart through the east door. Jump the gaps and leave through the north door, but watch out for bats. The chest in the next room contains the map, but be careful getting to it because the purple orb tries to pull you off the ledge. Time it to where you get the map safely.

Leave through the north door, grab the Magic Powder then open the chest to get some Rupees. Exit through the west door.

Power Bracelet

Using Magic Powder to light the torch in this room, and then kill the ghosts. Open the chest that appears to get the Power Bracelet. This item allows you to lift heavy objects like pots and rocks blocking your path. Now, head back to the other room and make your way along the top. Hit the crystal, walk into the blue square, and then hit the crystal again to continue along the top route. You will find a chest with a key between the red squares.

Bottle Grotto Crystal

Now, go back and hit the crystal again, making sure you stay on the red squares. Continue to the right until you find another crystal. Hit it, then take the door to the southeast.

Get The Nightmare Key – Imprisoned Pols Voice

In this room, you will find a Pols Voice (rabbit looking thing), a bat, and a Shrouded skeleton. You need to kill these in a specific order:

  • Pols Voice – push the squares to release it, then smash it with a pot.
  • Bat – hit it with your sword
  • Shroud – hit it with your sword

If you mess up, leave the room and return to reset it. When you get it right, a chest appears with the Nightmare Key in it.

The Nightmare

Exit to the north, then unlock the door to the east. Take out the Pols with the pots, and then kill the red blob. Take the stairs that appear. You will be in the underground. Stand on the platform to lower it, then climb the ladder to the top and grab a pot. Bring it to the next platform to make the combined weight drop it.

Go up the stairs and unlock the door with the Nightmare key to take on the Genie. This fight is straightforward. Dodge the fireballs, when the genie goes into his bottle, smash it off the wall. Do this until it breaks, and then hit the genie with your sword. When the genie splits in two, you can’t hurt him, so wait until he is whole again before hitting him.

When he dies, grab the Heart Container, then go west and grab the musical instrument. After that, you need to head for the Ukuku Prairie.

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