The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on Switch – How To Get Into Kanalet Castle


In Link’s Awakening, a character called Richard asks you to go to Kanalet Castle and find five gold leaves for him. Getting to Kanalet Castle is relatively simple, but don’t rush off too fast. You need to have some items sorted before you go.

How To Get Into Kanalet Castle

Kanalet Castle Map

To get into Kanalet Castle, you need to go through a series of trades to get a banana. You can see where you need to go on the map above in the yellow box. But when you get there, you will find there is no way to cross. Instead, there is a hungry monkey called Kiki who wants some food. By going through a series of trades, you can get some food, give it to Kiki, and have him and his friends help you get across.

Yoshi Doll

Yoshi Doll

The Yoshi Doll is in Mabe Village at the Trendy Game Shop. You need to play the game to get it, and it costs you 10 Rupees.


Ribbon Location

The Ribbon is in Mabe Village. If you give the Yoshi Doll to Papahl’s Wife (the house at the north of the village), and she gives you the Ribbon.

Dog Food

Dog Food Location

If you bring the Ribbon to Madam MeowMeow’s House, CiaoCiao trades you some Dog Food for it.


Bananas Location

Bring the Dog Food to Sale, a crocodile that lives down near the beach, and he gives you Bananas for it.

Now you can head off to the spot shown above, with Bananas for Kiki. Be sure to bring a shovel with you. You can buy one in the shop in Mabe Village for 200 Rupees.

After the monkeys build the bridge, grab the sticks they drop and head north until you reach a phone. To the left, you will see a single bush. Chop it to uncover stairs, and then head down to enter the castle.