Let’s School: How to Raise School Ranking and School Level

This guide focuses on Let’s School’s Level vs. Ranking differentiation and explains how to make the most of both.

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Let’s School asks players to step into the shoes of a headteacher who’ll somehow be in charge of forging a solid student-teacher community, building top-notch school facilities, and managing multidisciplinary staff departments to avoid stress peaks. All that hard work is supported by a satisfying School leveling and ranking system. While these are two separate in-game mechanics, it’s easy to get them mixed up or to ignore one completely.

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Understanding School Ranking vs. School Level

School RankingSchool Level
School Ranking is accessible by clicking the custom school emblem to the leftSchool Level is accessible by clicking the green building icon to the right.
It measures school performance n contrast to other schools in the world based on Score Points.It measures progression and completed tasks that to earn funds and Score Points, as well as other rewards.

How to Level Up in Let’s School

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Leveling up in Let’s School is determined by School Score Points. The only way to get Score Points is to complete the tasks in the School Level menu. Each completed task rewards a fixed amount, progressively leading to a level-up. Most tasks will be completed naturally as you progress through the game, so there’s no need to be hyper-focused in completing each available task.

Every School Level in Let’s School

IconSchool LevelSchool Score Points Required
Tutoring Program0 Score Points
New School on the Block200 Score Points
Small School800 Score Points
Average School1800 Score Points
District School3300 Score Points
Top District School5300 Score Points
City School7800 Score Points
Top City School10800 Score Points
State School14300 Score Points

How to Rank Up School in Let’s School

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To increase the School Rank, players also need to obtain School Score Points. These points level up the School and help it rank in contrast to other schools. The higher the number of School Score Points, the higher the School Rank.