Let’s School: How to Supply All School Service Demands

Here’s all the School Service Demands in Let’s School and how you can supply them to increase Overall Satisfaction.

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Let’s School student body and staff members are demanding and unforgiving. You’ll soon find yourself spending every last penny to heat the school, feed the people, and clean up after them. I wouldn’t count saying “no” as an option unless you want them protesting, dropping out, and resigning in less than 24 hours.

Turns out managing a school is not just about classroom decor and uniform choices, after all. Here is what you need to know about meeting your school’s demands in Let’s School.

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How to See School Demands in Let’s School

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The Let’s School Overall Satisfaction panel is on the screen’s bottom left corner. A red to light blue bar displays the level of satisfaction, from Very Low to Very High. By hovering on this bar, a detail of how everyone is feeling is displayed. If too many red status effects start to clutter up this menu, the School’s well-being is in trouble.

To be fair, students and staff members will not start quitting right away. If a demand is unmet, they will request a facility to solve it. For example, when summer comes, students will start to feel hot and request to place an Ice Tray in the classrooms. Students and teachers with demands will display a yellow exclamation mark above their heads. Click on it before the timer expires to receive a Task to supply their demand. Completing this task will not only raise their satisfaction but also earn particular rewards.

All Let’s School Student Demands and How to Supply Them

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DemandHow to Supply
Deprived of Entertainment/BoredBuild an entertainment facility, like a Playground. Make sure to add enough swings and slides.
ThirstyBuild a water-supplying facility, like a Tea Room.
HungryBuild a food-supplying facility, like a Food Tent. Make sure it’s staffed.
Nature’s CallBuild a bathroom.
LightningAdd some more lights and windows.
Dripping WetAdd a roof over the room. This usually happens when expanding the school’s second floor.
ColdInstall a heating system.
HotInstall a cooling system, like an Ice Tray.
Dirty SpaceAdd Cleaning Supplies and a Bin.