Let’s School Complete Guide: Early Tips & Tricks, How to Get The Best Grades, and Stats Explained

Let’s School is a fun and deceptively complicated management simulator that players will need to master at a mercilessly fast pace.


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Let’s School is an engrossing management simulator developed by Pathea, the team behind so many of our favorite cozy indie games like My Time at Sandrock. However, it’s also an incredibly intense experience filled with stats to master, or the whole institution will collapse.

This guide covers some of the beginner’s tips and tricks players should take note of when they start a campaign. We’ve also produced a host of guides to help all fans master this glimpse into the life of a headteacher covering all subjects, research, explaining stats, and outlining how to help students achieve the best grades possible.

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Essential Let’s School Guides for Every Playthrough

Below, we’ve listed all the helpful guides we’ve created for Let’s School based on our extensive time in the game. These will help all players master the title, from the most basic starting pointers to advanced methods for running an efficient institution.

Beginner’s Tips & Tricks for Let’s School

While playing Let’s School, we encountered several pain points that could have been avoided if we knew the game better. In this section, we’ve outlined a few tips and tricks we wish we’d known when we first started playing the game to help all future players avoid our mistakes.

Build One New Classroom Every New Semester

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Each class that starts at a school must complete three semesters before graduation. However, this means the class will occupy a single classroom for all three semesters. We didn’t realize this when we started playing Let’s School, meaning we couldn’t understand why new admissions couldn’t join a class for a long time.

By building a new classroom at the start of every new semester for the first four semesters of a campaign, players ensure they have enough space to house all the students they’ll admit in that time. Once a class graduates, there will be one new free classroom for another class, but the goal should be to build a new one every time the others are full.

The bottom line with this tip is that it’ll keep money coming into the school, which is always desperately needed. Having so many classrooms causes a huge influx of cash and provides the resources to build new rooms when needed most.

Build a Playground Early

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We almost had a revolution on our hands in our school because the entertainment rating was abysmal. There was nothing for the students to do outside of class. The best facility to address this is the playground, and it’s something that can be researched very early on in a campaign.

We recommend researching and building a playground as soon as possible to avoid any entertainment issues. Students will protest and be grumpy, impacting their learning if they don’t have that outlet to enjoy themselves. The added stress of angry students can cascade and cause so many issues, so it really is the best possible solution.

Don’t Worry About Money

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Let’s School informs players that they need a loan after completing a few of the tutorial objectives because they’ve run out of cash. This caused us to panic about money when there’s really no need to. Providing a school with new classrooms for every fresh intake and always says yes to new students, and money should flow freely into the bank.

If players find they don’t have much spare money, they simply need to wait a few days until it builds back up. Students generate income daily, and we never managed to exceed our income regardless of how many teachers we hired and the buildings we constructed.

For those players that want to generate as much money as possible, going on field trips is a must. Students have a chance to generate a lot of income through these. It might come as a reward or be found on the floor, but field trips will often lead to the addition of some wealth regardless of where they’re set.

Stay on Top of Teacher Training and Research

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Teachers can and should receive training in Let’s School. It helps them grow as staff, but also ensures that the teaching in each classroom keeps up with the requirements set by exam boards. By always having at least one teacher in training, players will cover themselves for the growing pains of the education system.

Training can also help staff in management positions provide the headteacher with better support. This will become important pretty soon after the first semester when a school begins to bloat with the number of required rooms.

The research tab should be something players are always monitoring. We built multiple research rooms to help us progress through research faster and unlock new classes, rooms, and abilities early. This is the best place to put any spare money because more advanced research plays into the advanced classes and can even allow multiple teachers to be trained simultaneously.

We recommend grabbing all the classes in the research menu before anything else. There are many utilities to research, but they don’t come into play until later and aren’t as useful as classes. Teachers will grow as new classes unlock, improving a school in multiple ways.

Keep Stress Low

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Teachers can become extremely stressed in Let’s School. This can happen for multiple reasons, whether it’s their class being expected to fail, no management support, or a lack of resources. Even the environment can cause stress due to a lack of decorations, safety, lighting, or a drastic change in temperature.

We found that dealing with stress early and often kept the school running smoothly. This means swapping teachers out of classrooms or homeroom responsibilities when their stress levels peak and putting a new teacher in their place. By doing this, players can also free up more people for research, management, and other tasks.

Keep Every Cat

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There will be many opportunities to adopt cats in Let’s School, and we believe they’re well worth holding onto. It’s unclear what they add to the school, but it’s possible to introduce Management Modules that make staff care for them. Cats make us feel relaxed, which is always good in a learning environment, so there’s no possible downside from what we can see.