Let’s School Staff Guide: Recruit, Assign & Train Staff

Teachers are the backbone of a school, so making sure you have the best staff is a priority in Let’s School.

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A school would get nowhere without its teachers; Let’s School gets that from the get-go. Unless Staff is hired and assigned to a facility, it won’t run by itself. But just like in real life, teachers do much more than just sit in front of a class. They also look after students’ discipline, research new learning and leisure facilities, and train their own skills, just to name a few tasks.

Understandably, if the player doesn’t manage this properly, Staff will spiral down a path of uncontrollable stress, ultimately presenting a resignation letter. This makes recruiting and managing staff complex, which we’ll cover with this Staff Guide for Let’s School.

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Recruiting and Assigning Teachers in Let’s School

How to Recruit Teachers in Let’s School

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In Let’s School, teachers are all-in-one Staff in teaching, research, and management roles. To recruit Staff, follow these steps:

  1. Open the purple icon with the green + sign in the bottom left corner.
  2. Select the Staff Recruitment tab in the recruitment window.
  3. Consider the applicants teaching subject, daily wage, skill proficiency, and recruitment fee.
  4. When ready, click on the green Recruit button.
  5. To reject an applicant, click the red bin button under the daily wage.

If the Recruit icon is grayed out, one of the teacher’s requirements isn’t met. Maybe more funds or a higher school level is necessary to recruit them.

If there are no more staff — or you rejected them all because you’re a picky headmaster — wait for a couple of minutes. New applications are time-gated and should arrive soon.

How to Assign Staff in Let’s School

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Once Recruited, Staff will go into the Idle work status by default. They must be assigned to a classroom or other facility to change that. Here’s how to assign Staff in Let’s School:

  1. Click on the No. of Teachers icon with the teacher icon and the numbers at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Look for the recruited teacher if it’s just one, or “Select All” if looking for more than one.
  3. Click the green, right-pointing arrow next to the teacher’s name.
  4. Select the classroom or other facility where you want to assign this teacher.

Alternatively, Staff can be assigned to a classroom or facility by heading to that facility and clicking Open. Then, change from the Overview panel to the Staff one on the facility window. A position slot, such as Researcher or Homeroom Teacher, will be available for Staff to be assigned to.

Staff Role Proficiency, Training, and Certifications in Let’s School

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Staff applicants will have different Teaching, Training, Research, and Management proficiency stats. Higher stats usually mean a loftier wage; try not to go bankrupt.

Early hires aren’t the best, but it’s a good idea to hire with the Staff’s future role in mind purposefully. If an applicant has low Teaching stats but solid Research proficiency, consider hiring them for the Research Room.

Even if a Staff member has low proficiency, they can be trained to earn +3 points.

How to Train Staff & Get More Training Slots in Let’s School

The fastest way to train Staff is to open the No. Of the Teachers window and select the Training option in the bottom right corner. Training can take either minutes or a full in-game hour. This depends on the Staff members’ training proficiency. 

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Only one Staff member can be trained early in the game with the Training Plan. To get more training slots, research and build the Staff Training Room. For each desk in this room, two more teachers can be trained simultaneously in exchange for a modest sum. Though, to be perfectly honest, aggressively training my Staff made my school go broke, so keep an eye out for Funds!

How to Get Certificates in Let’s School

Teachers can get certificates ranging from Rudimentary to Advanced by training for a performing role. A Humanities teacher can start off with a Rudimentary Humanities Certificate, which will progressively level up and turn into an Intermediate one. On the other hand, Certificates can also be Inherent to a teacher. That means they were hired after they acquired that Certificate.

Obtaining a certificate rewards Staff members with extra proficiency stats. Here’s a rundown of all Certificate levels and their reward stats.

IconCertificate NameCertificate LevelBonus
Humanities/Science/Sports/Arts Teacher CertificateRudimentary Level
Intermediate Level
Advanced Level
+3 Teaching Proficiency
+7 Teaching Proficiency
+10 Teaching Proficiency
Management CertificateRudimentary Level
Intermediate Level
Advanced Level
+3 Management Proficiency
+7 Management Proficiency
+10 Management Proficiency
Research Certificaten/a+5 Research Proficiency
Headmaster Certificaten/a+20 Management Proficiency
Service Certificaten/a+5 Management Proficiency