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Let’s School: Class Guide – How to Help Students Pass Every Exam

Students are the heart of an institution in Let's School, and players need to master getting the best grades to make the best school.

The core of Let’s School is the students that every player needs to admit and nurture through three entire semesters until they graduate. It takes hard work and determination to reach or surpass passing grades, which players cannot achieve without monitoring what’s going on each day.

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From the day a student starts at school, they have needs that must be met by the classroom and the school as a whole. This guide outlines how to help students pass every exam through research, teacher training, and precise class management in Let’s School.

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Best Classroom Setup in Let’s School

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The best classroom setup to have in Let’s School is to have at least four classrooms at any one time. When a class joins the school, they’ll be with it for three semesters, so players need three classrooms to accommodate any new students joining classes in that same period.

Having four classrooms also allows players to diversify the subjects being taught in them. One class may only focus on two subjects, while another may see student intake that requires learning across four subjects. Players can cater the teaching in each class to the required topics and train teachers to grow alongside their classes so the level of learning is where it needs to be consistently for students.

How to Get the Best Passing Grades in Let’s School

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To get the best passing grades in Let’s School, players need to give players the best education possible with lessons across the subjects they’re studying. This means that the timetable must only consist of the subjects students in the class are learning, whether that’s two, three, or four different ones.

In addition to having the correct timetable, players need to grow their teachers by training them. This can be aided by researching the Training Room, allowing multiple teachers to be trained simultaneously. Players can see the required teaching proficiency for a class and subject when viewing the timetable for a class. If a teacher’s proficiency is below the required level, they need training to reach or surpass that level to get the best grades.

Researching more advanced courses in the education tab of the Research Room will allow teachers to provide better learning for all students. This is essential for students in their second or third semesters. Teachers will grow alongside these courses, making the school and grades better over time as research completes.

Players must crack down on any students sleeping, misbehaving, or needing discipline outside of class as soon as possible. This keeps students in line and will prevent them from mucking around in the future, improving grades thanks to a lack of distractions over time.

Finally, players must ensure that the classroom students are in is a suitable teaching environment. Try to max out all the stats for the room, whether that’s safety, environment, or hygiene. Having the best facilities possible elsewhere in the school will also make students better learners. For example, adding a playground to fulfill the need for entertainment will decrease students’ dissatisfaction and help them learn better.

How to Improve Teaching and Classes in Let’s School

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The best way to improve teaching and learning in classes in Let’s School is by training teachers and researching new courses. Teachers can be trained in three areas, but improving their teaching proficiency will help them teach students better and improve the grades they achieve at the end of a semester.

Researching more advanced courses, or just new ones to open up additional subjects, will help improve student grades too. This is an easy way to boost grades when new students start to arrive that are studying subjects players need to hire new teachers for.

As players progress through Let’s School and earn more rewards, they’ll unlock statues for their school. These can boost learning, memory, and other traits in students. We found that placing these close to the entrance of a school improved all of our students over time. We even saw them visiting the statues between classes to boost their attributes on their own.

The last way to improve teaching and classes is to hire new teachers. After a certain point, we found that we couldn’t hire anyone with better knowledge than the staff we had spent hours training. However, early on in the game, the best thing a player can do is hire a new teacher to help spread the teaching and bring up students’ grades.

Every new teacher that is hired could benefit a class, or they could run a different department and provide silent support that helps boost student grades in other ways. A good example is putting staff in a Management Department room, where they can oversee multiple classes and reduce teacher stress. Lower teacher stress makes for better learning overall.

Best Student Organization Flow in Let’s School

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The best organization flow we’ve achieved for our students is always keeping one classroom empty and ready for an influx of new bodies. This results in more hiring, but it also provides more income in the form of fresh students every semester.

To do this, players will need to wait to see the subjects students need to learn from their class. Then, they can organize the class timetable around those subjects. If new students show up with additional subjects, the best thing to do is put in just enough classes so that all students pass instead of favoring one class over the other.

As teachers train and grow in their proficiency, the grades of each student in their class will improve over time. While grades might look terrible at the start of a semester, they generally always get better regardless of training or other factors by the time exams roll around.

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