Let’s School: Management Guide – How to Organize Management Structures Effectively

Management is key in Let’s School, and creating the perfect manegerial flow will ensure an institution runs smoothly and is stress-free.


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Management may just be the most important stat for players to keep on top of in Let’s School. It’s the managerial capacity a school has for dealing with everything, from rooms and staff to students and field trips. Should it rise too high and go beyond a school’s capacity, those in management positions, like the head teacher, will become incredibly stressed.

High stress can kill a school and cause teachers to need time off to recover. That’s why it’s so important that players keep an eye out for teacher stress and build in management funnels. This guide explains how management flow charts work in Let’s School and how to ensure an institution doesn’t cripple its workers and lose out on student grades.

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How Does Management Work in Let’s School?

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Management in Let’s School is the stat that measures how much oversight and support a department has. Each department or room has its own Management Status rating. This will increase or decrease depending on the needs of the room, and players must match that status by organizing the room somewhere in the school’s management tab, where it will have the required support.

Some rooms have set Management Status needs, such as the bathrooms, which need 5 Management Status each. However, other rooms, such as classrooms, have variable Management Status needs based on the number of students and teachers in them and how they perform. If they’re underperforming and set to fail exams, the Management Status needs will increase because of the added stress on the people in the classroom.

At the start of a campaign in Let’s School, players will have one Management Department, the Headmaster’s Office. This has a set capacity based on the headmaster’s proficiency in management. Players will need to build Management Departments to help shoulder some of the burden on the headmaster. Each Management Department can have a specialization to help certain other departments that are organized to be under their umbrella of responsibility within the Management tab.

What is the Best Way to Manage Departments in Let’s School?

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The best way to manage departments in Let’s School is to split all rooms across at least two Management Departments under the Headmaster’s Office. This will add around 100 points of Management Status to the school, making it much easier for the headmaster to manage the stress of the school’s day-to-day business.

After a few semesters, players can add more Management Departments and begin to specialize them. Each Management Department can have a set of Modules that determine the departments they manage best. For example, the Knowledge is King Module will make a Management Department the best place to manage any Research Rooms, speeding up all research.

Players should slowly add more Management Departments as they’re able until a school runs like a well-oiled machine. The more specific a Management Department can be for those rooms it oversees, the better. As a player’s school expands, they’ll be thankful for the available Management Status they can throw at problem classes when they come along.

How to Increase and Decrease Management Status in Let’s School

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To increase and decrease Management Status for a room or department in Let’s School, players need to select the room and use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons in the right-hand UI on the screen under the Management Status heading to add or subtract managerial oversight. If a room has a warning on it due to a need for more Management Status or a stressed teacher, adding to this status should fix the issue.

How to Build Management Departments in Let’s School

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To build Management Departments in Let’s School, players need to construct a new room at the recommended size of 9-60 squares. Then, they must place a door to make it accessible, an Office Desk, and a Telephone Table. We recommend adding a fire alarm and cleaning supplies, as well as a few windows and decorations to meet all other room needs.

Next, players will need to assign a member of staff to the room, recruiting one if they have none available. Then they can set the Management Module for the Management Department from any of those in the table below.

Management ModuleEffect
Teaching GuideTeaching Efficiency of accountable classes +10%, but satisfaction of Homeroom Teachers will decrease slightly.
Research is KingIncreases research efficiency in managed research rooms by 5% and the salary of corresponding staff by 2%.
Extracurricular BooksIncreases students’ tuition in managed classes by 5.
Cat CaretakerAllows the department to care for the campus cats.
Sound JudgmentManagement Costs of managed departments -1 and all corresponding staff salaries +2%.
Unpaid OvertimeReduces the salary of managed staff by 5%.
Smart BudgetingManagement Proficiency of managed departments +5%, and all corresponding staff salaries +5%.

Before players can build Management Departments, they need to unlock them through research. This can take a long time, so it’s best to ensure that nothing else needs to be urgently researched first. We believe this should be one of the first rooms players unlock through research because it is incredibly valuable for the rest of the playthrough when it comes to decreasing teacher stress.