Lies of P: Should You Lie or Tell the Truth

What does Lies of P mean by “Your springs are reacting,” exactly? Here’s every consequence for lying in LoP.

Lies of P Lying System Explained

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In Lies of P, Pinocchio has a unique ability among puppets to choose between telling a lie and speaking the truth. This ability sets him apart in a society where puppets are typically bound by the rule of honesty. However, games with an unforgiving morality system, like Dishonored and Undertale, have taught us to exercise caution. In Krat, the truth can often be harsh, while lies offer solace. Your decision to lie or tell the truth reflects not just gameplay but also the kind of character you wish to portray Pinocchio as in this unique world.

What Happens if You Lie in Lies of P?

After you choose to lie, a message pops up, stating, “Your springs are reacting,” hinting at a change in your character’s status. However, lying doesn’t impact your stats or impose mechanical penalties. 

The actual repercussions lie in the larger context of the game. Your lies to NPCs affect their quest lines, causing them to relocate and altering the rewards you receive and the achievements you unlock. Most importantly, your choices in lying or telling the truth determine the ending you’ll ultimately achieve. 

  • “Rise of P” Ending: If you lie more often than you tell the truth, you’ll unlock the “Rise of P” ending.
  • “Free From the Puppet String” Ending: On the other hand, if you tend to tell the truth more frequently than lying, you’ll uncover the “Free From the Puppet String” ending.

Consistency is vital to make your journey more meaningful. Commit to one approach throughout your playthrough – always tell the truth or consistently lie. This helps establish a coherent character for Pinocchio and incurs few penalties, regardless of your choice.

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Multiple endings are a hallmark of the Soulslike genre. Lies of P incorporates the Lie mechanic as its unique way to interact with this feature. You’ll likely want to embark on multiple playthroughs to experience the full spectrum of the game’s intricacies. 

During my first playthrough, I chose to lie all throughout because, hey, the game’s called Lies of P after all. The thought of telling the truth felt like doing an evil playthrough, which I usually reserve for a second let’s play.