Life is Strange 2 Episode 4 – How to Escape from the Hospital

Near the beginning of the fourth episode of Life is Strange 2, you’ll be tasked with getting Sean to escape the hospital he’s in. There are a few ways to do this, and all four will be detailed in this guide, so choose whichever approach you want.

How to Escape from the Hospital In Life is Strange 2 Episode 4

Escape Without Hurting Anyone

The first thing you’ll want to do here is walk to the window and open it. Sean will remark how he can’t open it with his bare hands, but with the window opened a bit, you’ll be able to inspect it, so do so. While looking out the window, look to the right until you are able to look at the scaffolding outside the building. After looking at the scaffolding, exit the view and walk over to the bathroom. Here, you’ll first want to turn on the light switch before going over to the grab bar on the wall next to the sink (not the grab bar next to the toilet, which does nothing). Check the grab bar, then tear it off the wall. With the grab bar in hand, return to the window and use the bar to break the window’s safety, opening it all the way. Go outside the window and when given a choice to keep going or go back inside, keep going. Slowly walk across the ledge until you make it to the scaffolding, where you’ll be able to escape. Once you make it to the scaffolding, you’re home free.

Escape by Attacking the Guard

If this is the route you want to go down, then you’ll first want to head to the bathroom and turn on the light switch. Check the grab bar on the wall next to the sink, then tear it off the wall. Walk to the door and inspect the window. While looking out the door’s window, look to the right and down and look at the guard. Ask the guard for Aspirin, a request he will turn down. Sean will then suggest to himself tricking the guard into entering the room and then knocking him out. With this idea now in Sean’s mind, head over to the bedsheets on the chair under the TV, look at the bedsheets, then pick them up. Walk to the bed and make a fake body out of the bedsheets. Then, walk to the curtains in the middle of the room and close them. A new prompt will show up on the curtains, allowing you to ambush the guard—select this option. Sean will coax the guard inside the room before hitting him with the grab bar and escaping.

Escape by Convincing Joey to Help You

This route is very complicated and will only work if you have already satisfied some previous conditions. You need to make sure Joey likes Sean as much as possible. This requires the player to make some specific dialogue choices in the last scene, so if you didn’t already respond in the required ways in that first scene, you will need to restart the episode to be able to convince Joey to help you.

In the first scene in the hospital, you’ll want to have Sean respond to Joey in ways that are lighthearted, humorous, or appreciative, rather than responding with downer options. Specifically.

  • After Sean’s eye exam, Joey will hand him a folder and ask him to read it. Respond with “I am a pirate.”
  • After Agent Flores questions Sean, Joey will return and ask how the interview went. Respond with “I’m free.”
  • Joey will then say that he sees that Sean’s a good person. Respond with “Thank you.”
  • Joey and Sean will talk for a bit, with Joey eventually saying that things change. Respond with “So positive.”

Now that Joey sufficiently likes Sean, he’ll be open to helping Sean escape the hospital in the next scene, but only if you choose the right dialogue options. Have Sean look at and then use the call button on the bed to summon Joey. When he arrives, he will talk with Sean. Have Sean say, “I know where Daniel is,” then “I’m Scared,” then “I’m sorry.” Joey will then suggest that Sean hit him to make it look like Sean attacked him to escape, so that way, Sean can escape without getting Joey in trouble for helping him. Choose to accept Joey’s offer to hit him. Then, go to the bathroom and turn on the light switch. Check the grab bar on the wall next to the sink before tearing it off the wall. Now, return to Joey, who is sitting on Sean’s bed, and hit him. With the guard still taking a smoke break, Sean will now be able to escape.

Escape by Attacking Joey

Not sure why you’d want to go down this route, but here’s how to do it. First, go to the bathroom, turn on the light switch, then check the grab bar on the wall next to the sink before tearing it off. Now look at and then use the call button on the bed, summoning Joey. When Joey arrives, he and Sean will talk. It likely won’t matter what you say here since, in the vast majority of situations, Joey will refuse to help Sean escape (see above for the specific set of circumstances that will lead Joey to help Sean and avoid that if you want to attack Joey instead of receiving help from him). After Joey refuses to help Sean escape, he will begin to walk away. With grab bar in hand, you will now be given the option to attack Joey while his back is turned. Choose to attack Joey and Sean will hit him with the grab bar, knocking him onto the floor. With the guard still on his smoke break, Sean will be able to escape.