Life Is Strange 2 Episode 1 Ending Walkthrough

After spending a night in a park in the previous part Roads Walkthrough, in this part of Life Is Strange 2 Episode 1, both brothers are helped by Brody, a customer they met at the retail shop.

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 1 Ending Walkthrough

Episode 1 Ending Walkthrough

The next day, keep following Daniel and you will reach a Gas Station. Check your wallet first for money. Next look into the brown car standing outside the gas station. Next, you will see a family eating outside. You will have three options to ask for food: Look, Speak or Send Daniel to Beg. Go to the bathroom, use the sink tap to fill the water and clean up. Exit the bathroom and go into the shop.

Go on the desk and where you will find Keychains and Local Map. If you pick the keychains the old lady will give one to Daniel. Next, take the map and you will see Daniel talking to a customer. Just pick “interrupt” and talk to him. Next, Daniel will stand near camping supplies and then he will check the puppy. Daniel will ask Sean to take the puppy, an option for which you will see two choices: Let Me Think and Not Now. Pick anything and then talk to the shopkeeper.

On asking Sean why is he here, you will have to pick one answer from We’re on a road trip, We’re camping and We Live out Here. Pick We’re camping to continue, she will ask more questions. On asking about parents you will have to pick one from No Parents Allowed, With our dad and With our friends. After selecting on the answer she will again ask you about the trip and you have to pick one from Come here all the time and Short Field Trip.

Once you are done talking, look on the picture on the left side of bears. The shopkeeper will tell you about the shop. Follow Daniel and you will find him near Troy Crane Machine. Both will decide to play you will have a choice to let Daniel play or you go first. Daniel will ask you to try the machine if you do you will have to pay $1. If you choose to play then Daniel will ask again and you will lose all the money.

After leaving the toy machine, you can head to the food section which is the main objective of this part of the game. Pick up the things like a hot dog or a chocolate bar and walk towards the shopkeeper to pay. You can adjust the items if you want but that won’t work. Pay the amount and take your items. If you choose to steal or not to you will be stopped by the shop’s owner. To steal you will have to use Daniel to distract the shopkeeper.


Go outside and take the bench outside where the family was sitting before. First, check the trash for food. You can keep the food or throw it. Sean will pull out the map on which you will have to place your exact location.


Once you place the marker on the map the shop owner will come and he will try to stop Daniel and Sean. You will see three main choices here Flee, Discuss and Attack. In all three scenarios, Sean will be caught by the old man and Daniel runs away.

  • Flee – Sean will yell Daniel to run away and he will be later hit by the old man where he will fell unconscious.
  • Discuss – The shop owner will hit Daniel and Sean. Daniel will run away as Sean passes out.
  • Attack – If you choose to attack the old man will hit Sean and Daniel will run away.

After taking any one choice, Sean will wake up tied in a room. The old man will tell Sean that he knows about this past. He will walk outside the room after a short talk. If you try to free yourself it will not work well. Look towards the computer and kick the Cardboard Tube kept aligned to the wall to turn the computer screen.


Push the sign on your right and you can move a little ahead. Once you are near the sofa then you have to kick the shelf on the top. Next, you will hear Daniel’s voice. Look on your right and you will spot an Office Window. Ask Daniel to open it. There is a key right next to the window, but you are tied to a pipe. Next, ask Daniel to give you a tool so that you can pry the pipes off the wall. After getting a tool, go right and break the pipe clip. Keep moving right and then take the keys, then pass through the vent.

Daniel will open the door and he will come from the back door. He will free Sean, and next you will hear the voice of Daniel being caught by the shop owner. But something happens and he is unconscious. You will have two choices here: Steal Camping Gear or Leave. Pick Leave, because there is no use of a camping gear ahead and if you take it the shop owner will try to stop you, forcing you to knock him out and steal.

Both brothers will run away from the Gas Station, and they will find Brody the customer they met in the shop. He agrees to help the kids. He will drive them away. In the car, the guy will talk about the incident and you will see three options to pick: Why Did He Freak Out On Us, Total Fucking Dickheads and Did He Mess With You? There will be some discussion. Sean will sleep and after a few hours in the cutscene, you will see Brody tells Sean about the tragic incident in Seattle.

From two choices next, My Fucking Fault and It Was The Police, pick one to continue talking. After talking for a while Brody will continue driving. He will drop the brothers at a motel where the final scene of the game will take place.

The Motel

You will gain control of Sean at the beach where you will see Daniel playing with the puppy. Look at the stick below to play fetch. Throw the stick and the dog will fetch it. Next, you can give the stick to Daniel to let him play the game. Brody will tell you to get rid of the phone. You will have to choices: Okay and Really. After the talk, Brody will share some gifts with the brothers and leave.

You can check the new bag for new items given by Brody. Go to the Motel room no 10. Daniel will insist on playing rock, paper, scissors. You will see three options, but just let Daniel win the gameā€”he will be happy to have the bed.

Daniel will turn on the TV and Sean will go to the bathroom. You can choose to watch TV together but there is nothing much to do, so go to the bathroom. Take the towels from the bed. Put the towel on the rack on right top. Turn on the tap first, then look at the sink for cleanup.

Return to Daniel and check the toy kept on his left on a table, Question Daniel about the toy and he will tell you that he stole it. You will have two choices then: Stealing is Bad and Should be Careful. Pick the first one to tell Daniel about the stealing issue. Send Daniel to take a bath.

After Daniel goes for a bath, walk towards the desk on the right and pick up the mobile phone. On the phone, you can read messages from Lyla. You will have to pick from two major choices here: Don’t Call Lyla and Call Lyla Back. If you pick the first, Sean will view some videos in his phone and throw it away. If you choose to call, then he will talk to Lyla for a while and there you will see more choices.

In both cases, Sean is going to throw the phone. Back in the motel room, you will see Daniel enjoying the TV. He will ask Sean to dance, for which you will get two choices: Talk Directly or Join. If you pick the first one, Sean goes out to get a Soda for Daniel.

The soda machine is at the end of the balcony on your right. This will lead to the final scene of the game where Daniel will discover his powers and Sean will also witness it. Daniel learns that his father is dead and he asks why and you have three options: It Was An Accident, Calm Down and I Can’t Remember. If you pick Calm Down he will ask again and you will get two more choices: I Was Scared and I wanted To Protect You.

Things will get serious and from the next two choices Don’t Stay That and Chill Out, after picking the first one Sean will try to hug Daniel and calm him down. Just follow the last few choices and the game is over. In the last cutscene, you will see both brothers left for Puerto Lobos.