Limbus Company Tier List – The best characters in Limbus Company

These are the best characters to use.

Image via Project Moon

Limbus Company is a turn-based RPG that is available on mobile devices. It is a gacha game that boasts a decent pool of characters (also known as identities) that players can summon for using the in-game currency. Since there are numerous playable characters, it’s unsurprising not every character possesses the same power level. Hence, we’ve compiled a tier list ranking every character in Limbus Company and listing the best ones to use.

Best characters to use in Limbus Company

SKurokumo Wakashu Hong Lu, Kurokumo Wakushu Ryoshu, Tingtang Gangleader Hong Lu
ABlade Lineage Salsu Sinclair, G Corp. Corporal Manager Gregor, Kurokumo Henchwoman Rodion, R Corp 4th. Pack Rabbit Heathcliff, W Corp CleanUp Agent Don Quixote
BG Corp Head Manager Outis, Jefe De Los Mariachis Sinclair, LCCB Assistant Manager Ishmael, LCCB Assistant Manager Rodion, Seven Section 6 Ryoshu, Zwei Section 6 Sinclair, R Corp 4th. Pack Reindeer Ishmael
CBlade Lineage Salsu Yi Sang, Liu Section 6 Gregor, Liu Section 6 Meursault, Blade Lineage Cutthroat Outis, Shi Section 5 Don Quixote, Shi Section 5 Heathcliff, Shi Section 5 Ismael, W Corp CleanUp Agent Faust, W Corp CleanUp Agent Meursault
Image via Project Moon

Kurokuma Wakashu Hong Lu is a 2-star character that is beginner friendly and easy to execute. His Cleave ability allows him to deal 32 damage to a single target, along with inflicting 2 stacks of Bleed. Kurokuma Wakashu’s second ability Cloud Cutter will also deal 32 damage to a single target, and if the enemy has less than 4 Bleed stacks, he will flip the coin twice. His final ability Cloudburst deals 32 damage to a single target and inflicts 1 stack of Bleed and Paralysis.

Kurokumo Wakashu Ryoshu is a 3-star character who can inflict several status conditions on enemies. Her first ability is Focus Strike which deals 38 damage to a single target and inflicts 3 stacks of Paralysis. Kurokumo Wakashu’s second ability Clean Up deals 38 single target damage and inflicts 2 stacks of Bleed. Finally, her final ability Lenticular Swir deals 38 damage to a single target, inflicts 2 stacks of Bleed, 3 stacks of Bleed Count, and 3 turn Offense Count down.

The last top-tier unit worth recruiting is Tingtang Gangleader Hong Lu, who is a 3-star character. Like other characters in the S Tier, she packs a lot of damage and can inflict several status conditions. Her first Throat Slit ability deals 38 damage to the target and inflicts 4 stacks of Bleed. Second ability Shank deals 38 damage and does 6 more if the coin lands at Heads. Tingtang Gangleader Hong Lu’s third ability Mutilate deals 38 single-target damage and additional 3 damage if the coin lands at Heads. He will recast the ability if the enemy dies with the first use.

Apart from the above-mentioned S Tier characters, which are generally considered the best in the game, most units are viable. In fact, there is no D Tier category in the list, as there are no outright bad characters. Hence, most are effective if utilized properly.