Link’s Awakening: How Many Dungeons Are There?


It’s not a Zelda game without dealing with dungeons, and there are plenty in Link’s Awakening. These dungeons are going to test your problem-solving skills, and you’re going to need to use the array of items. Link acquires along the way during his journey. However, how many of these are going you to go through? Here’s how many dungeons you can expect to play to during your journey in Link’s Awakening.

How Many Dungeons Are There in Link’s Awakening?

Before you jump into the game, you can expect to play it for around 15 to 20 hours, depending on how long you play the crane game and focus on those tasks. Given how much time you’re going to spend in the game, here are how many dungeons you’re going to encounter:

  • Tail Cave
  • Bottle Grotto
  • Key Cavern
  • Angler’s Tunnel
  • Catfish’s Maw
  • Face Shrine
  • Eagle’s Tower
  • Turtle Rock
  • Wind Fish’s Egg

Those are the primary dungeons players are going to encounter when they go through the game. There are additional locations, however. There are three mini-dungeons and a bonus dungeon:

  • Moblin Cave
  • Kanalet Castle
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Bonus dungeon: Color Dungeon

Some players may miss the color dungeon because there’s a particular way to access it. We have that information documented over here, for those curious on how to get to it.

In total, there are nine primary dungeons players are going to go through. There are three mini-dungeons they’re going to encounter on their travels. And there’s a bonus dungeon, the Color Dungeon, for any player interested in checking it out. Link’s Awakening is a vast game with plenty to do, and you don’t want to rush through every task. Enjoy the journey while you’re in the middle of it.