Zelda: Link’s Awakening Switch – How To Fix Framerate Drops


Link’s Awakening is a great game, and I am having a blast playing it, but it does have some issues with framerate. The game should be running at a crisp 60 FPS, but you may notice it can drop below that, sometimes by quite a lot.

The hardworking folks over at GameXplain have released a video examining how the game performs on the Nintendo Switch. They go into a lot of detail about the causes, and testing, of the issues. But it all boils down to memory. The framerate drops seem to occur while the game is loading new data while also trying to keep up with the dynamic resolution scalers attempts to render the game on the screen.

How To Fix The Framerate Drops

Now, I don’t want to butcher the hard work that GameXplain have done on this. So if you would like to hear the details about the issues that they have discovered, I advise you to check out the video above.

GameXplain discovered that the memory issues get reduced while the game gets stored on the internal memory, rather than the cartridge that the game comes on. The load speeds from the internal memory are faster than the load speeds from the cartridge. After testing multiple cartridges on multiple Switches, they discovered that the game performed consistently better when loading from internal memory rather than the cartridge.

To improve your framerate and fix those framerate drops, load the card to your internal memory and it should perform far better for you.