Zelda: Link’s Awakening – How to Get The Ocarina in the Dream Shrine


An iconic instrument Link uses throughout his journey is the Ocarina. You’re going to need to locate it in Link’s Awakening, but you’re not going to receive it immediately. You need to grab a few items before you can complete the dungeon you’re going to acquire it. Here’s how you do it.

Getting the Ocarina in the Dream Shrine in Link’s Awakening

The particular dungeon you’re looking to go to is in the Mabe Village. It’s called the Dream Shrine. Before you get inside of it, though, you’re going to need the Power Bracelet and the Pegasus boots. The Power Bracelet is in the Bottle Grotto, on level 2 and the Pegasus boots are in the Key Cavern, on level 3.

You’re going to use the bracelet to push the boulders blocking the passage. Enter the dungeon, and you’re going to want Link to take a quick nap in the bed in the room. Take a nap, enjoy it, and then Link is going to get transported to another dungeon. In this area, you’re going to find the ground around you is rapidly breaking. Thanks to the Pegasus Boots, you can bolt around the area and avoid this for a time. Use the boots to go to the two platforms with chests on them.

One of the chests contains 100 rupees inside of them, and the other includes the Ocarina.

Now, you have the perfect instrument to go around learning songs and gaining access to new pieces of content. Good luck, players, and enjoy Link’s Awakening as your journey across the island, saving the residents.