How to beat Nightmare, the Final Boss in Zelda: Link’s Awakening on Switch


Once you have painfully traversed through The Wind Fish’s Egg and made it to the end, you are greeted by the final boss of the game, Nightmare, in all of his dark glory.

Nightmare has six forms, and each of them has a specific weak point or weapon weakness you need to exploit using your vast arsenal. There aren’t any tips on how to beat them, so you are usually left to try everything until something works if you go into the match blind.

Should you wish to prepare, however, here is how to beat each of his six stages.

The first stage requires you to throw Magic Powder over the ball as it lands to deal damage. The second stage forces you to strike back a magic ball towards your foe using your sword, similar to the Wizard boss fight from Link to the Past.

The third phase is a refight from an earlier boss where you need to hit its tail with your sword.

The fourth phase is by far the hardest, taking on the form of Ganon. To beat it, you need to dodge the fire bat projectiles thrown at you and wait for Ganon to throw his spear. Then, hit Ganon with a Spin Attack to deal damage.

The fifth phase requires you to hit the moving ball with your Magic Rod item. During the sixth and final phase, you need to hit the big eye with your arrow while using Roc’s Feather to jump over the moving arms.

Complete all this, and the battle is over, and the game ends.