Link’s Awakening: How to Wake The Rooster Using Frog’s Song of Soul


Running around in Link’s Awakening is going to have you visiting numerous locations at different points in the game. You may encounter a location but lack the tools to explore it further. You’ll have to come back when you gain the item from another area in the game. You’re going to have this issue when you need to wake the rooster up using the Frog’s Song of Soul. Here’s how you wake up the rooster and get the Frog’s Song of Soul in the game.

Waking the Rooster with Frog’s Song of Soul in Link’s Awakening

Getting the Frog’s Song of Soul

To acquire the song, you’re going to need a few items. The first is the Hookshot. If you don’t have that item, make sure you get it by fighting Master Stalfos in the Catfish’s Maw dungeon. When you get it, you’re going to have access to the next area called Ukuku Prairie. You’re going to find a massive gap you won’t be able to cross. That’s where the Hookshot comes in to assist you. Use it, and you’re going to be able to shoot across the gap and make it to the other side.

When you’re there, going to enter the area called the Signpost Maze. The reason it’s called Signpost Maze is you have to read the signposts in the correct order. To do so, you want to read the signposts and go in the direction to tell you. It’s important to know you’re not going to go in the direction you’re standing. The signposts want you to go where they’re facing. So, if a sign tells you to go right, you don’t want to go to the sign to the immediate right of your position. You want to stand adjacent to the sign and go to the right of it.

After you’ve gone to every signpost, you’re going to see a staircase appear and drain of water. Proceed inside and speak to Mamu. The giant frog is more than happy to teach you the song, but you need to give him 300 rupees. Do so, and you’re going to learn the song.

Waking Up the Rooster

The song is a critical item you’re going to use to awaken or resurrect other creatures. Now, you need to return to Mabe Village. From here, you’re going to use your Power Bracelet to approach the town’s weather vein and push it aside. You’re going to discover a series of stairs underneath it and a small cave. Go inside of it.

Reach the end of the cave, and you’re going to find a rooster’s head at the end. When you’re on the uplifted platform, play the Frog’s Song of Soul to resurrect the rooster. The rooster is now going to follow you around, and you can use him to get across much larger gaps than you would have if you only used the Hookshot. You’re going to need his assistance in the Tal Tal Mountain Range to get the Bird’s Key. We have a guide on how to get that critical item over here.