Lost Ark best DPS classes

Damage is the name of the game.

Image via Smilegate and Tripod Studio

Similar to all MMORPGs, Lost Ark features a variety of classes that players have to pick from to progress in the game. In total, there are six main classes in the game, all boasting unique attributes, and skills. All of these main classes are versatile and cannot be boxed into one specific role. Hence, there are subclasses in each category that excel at particular roles, such as DPS, Support, and Healer, etc. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best DPS classes in Lost Ark.


Unlike other Magician subclasses, the Arcana is a mid-range class with fast combos and swift movements. It uses cards as a weapon that can be stacked on enemies for higher bursts of damage. Furthermore, you can draw random cards from the deck for a variety of buffs.


Blaster falls under the Hunter class and specializes in dishing out high damage and AoE skills. Upon using Blaster, you will wield a mechanical launcher with one of the highest damage output potentials in the game. Additionally, the weapon is ranged, which makes it safer when compared to other weapons.


Destroyer uses Gravity Hammer as its main weapon and has relatively low movement speed. It falls under the primary Warrior class and excels at dealing AoE damage. You can easily clear a wave of enemies with Destroyer, which makes it a very beginner-friendly class. Furthermore, it boasts some of the best Crowd Control skills in the game.


Infighter is a melee class that is categorized under the Fighter group. Players picking Infighter will generally have a good time on the battlefield as it is a well-rounded class that packs decent attack and defense. Infighter is a more durable class allowing players to last longer in combats even though its damage output potential isn’t that high compared to some of the classes mentioned above.

Lance Master

Lance Master boasts insane damage that can easily carry you through a fight if played correctly. However, it’s a bit squishy class, and you need to be careful while maneuvering it. The steep learning curve for the class might be troublesome for players, but once mastered, it is one of the best in the game.