Lost Ark Best Support Classes

The rare breed in Lost Ark.

Image via Smilegate and Tripod Studio

Although DPS classes rule Lost Ark, it’s vital to have characters from Support classes in your team for a smoother progression. Support classes do not boast high damage but often bring crowd control and healing to the table. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best Support classes in Lost Ark.


Bard is the epitome of the Support class in Lost Ark. It is capable of healing allies, buffing them, and applying crow control to foes. However, Bard is lackluster when it comes to damage output and relies on teammates for dealing damage.


Gunlancer excels as a frontline that can absorb a massive amount of damage. Its high defense and resistances increase any team’s survivability. That said, Gunlancer isn’t a versatile class and lacks other attributes apart from the high defense. Players new to the game will find more success with Gunlancer as it is easy to use.


One of the best Support classes in the game, Paladin does it all. Not only can it set up allies with crowd control skills but also heal them. Furthermore, it also packs decent damage, which can come in handy in clutch situations. Most classes in the game do not have healing capabilities which automatically makes Paladin worthy of playing.

Unlike other MMORPGs, Lost Ark doesn’t really categorize classes under a tank, DPS or healers. As a result, any class can be played out according to the player’s preference. Furthermore, Bard and Paladin are the only true Support class in the game.