Lost Ark: Challenge Guardian Raid guides – difference from regular Guardian Raids

Buffed up Guardian Raids with better rewards.

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The Lost Ark May Update brought a new weekly task for players to participate in, known as Challenge Guardian Raids. Like Guardian Raids, Challenge Guardian Raids pit you against numerous bosses that you and up to three others must fight. You’ll be fighting bosses identical to ones you’ve already fought before in Guardian Raids, save for a few bosses who have received powered-up versions.

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Players getting into the endgame of Lost Ark might be confused as to the difference between these two raids. One is a daily activity you do, while another is one you can only enter once a week. The Challenge Guardian Raids also gives significantly better rewards, including tons of gear honing materials, accessories, and Class Engravings.

There is a separate sigil to access the Challenge Guardian Raids and is located close to the regular Guardian Raid sigil on every continent. Go to the correct sigil and hit “G” to enter the menu. Note: You must be at least Item Level 460 to participate.

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There are three Challenge Guardian Raids you can challenge each week. These bosses will be a remixed stronger version of a prior, weaker Guardian Raid (for instance, Urnil is a stronger version with new attacks), while some bosses have identical moves but still are stronger.

The big difference between Guardian Raids and Challenge Guardian Raids is the equalized item level. Stats for all participants are equalized, regardless of your item level. (You can play with an Item Level 460 as Item Level 1445 and have the same stats.) Additionally, you cannot go back to spawn to collect more potions. If you bring five potions to a fight, that’s all you’ll get.

Aside from this, most of the content is generally the same. Most of the prior Guardian Raid guides will apply for any bosses featured in the Challenge Guardian Raid mode, so refer to those for help if you’re having trouble clearing one of these with a group.