Lost Ark PvP classes tier list — The best characters for PvP

Knowing is half the battle.

Lost Ark is a massive free-to-play MMO with an extensive suite of PvP modes and options players can choose to participate in. Lost Ark also features a region where player-versus-player combat is region-wide, and fighting can break out anytime. Each class is balanced separately in PvE and PvP, so knowing which to use when fighting other players versus AI mobs is important. This guide will explain the best PvP classes to use in Lost Ark.

What are the best PvP classes in Lost Ark?

Every class in Lost Ark is viable for PvE gameplay, but when it comes to PvP, there is a clear separation of power amongst the various characters the game has to offer. No class is impossible to win with, but choosing C-tier characters will give you an uphill struggle against the top-tier heroes. This list is primarily based on overall power and ease of use. Lost Ark is generous with how many characters it lets you create, so feel free to experiment with a character that fits your playstyle.

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Here is the tier list for the best Lost Ark PvP classes.

Tier RatingsLost Ark PvP Character Class
SDeathblade, Paladin
AArcanist, Bard, Deadeye, Destroyer, Glavier, Gunslinger, Machinist, Reaper, Wardancer
BBerserker, Gunlancer, Shadowhunter, Sorceress
CScrapper, Soulfist, Striker

The Deathblade and Paladin classes easily stand out as the best PvP classes in Lost Ark. The Deathblade is capable of powerful critical strikes and terrifying speed, which can outpace all other classes. The only class Deathblade struggles against is the stout Paladin. The Paladin doesn’t have great speed, but they don’t need it. Their heavy armor and incredible defensive skills make them a nightmare to take down. This class can also buff themselves and their team, so if a Paladin is allowed to run amok, the odds can snowball in their favor.

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The C-tier classes are flashy and fun to use in PvE content, but their lack of range and damage output makes them extremely difficult to use compared to the rest of the roster. If you decide to use them, stick close to your team and don’t venture out unless it’s to secure an objective or finish a weakened opponent off.