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Lost Ark Skill Runes: How to obtain and equip Skill Runes

Add an effect to your skills.
This article is over 2 years old and may contain outdated information

Lost Ark has many different ways for you to increase the power of your characters, making them as strong as they can be to prepare for content like Abyss Raids or Legion Raids. One of these mechanics is the Skill Rune System, which is a series of equipable items that adds extra effects to your Skills. Skill Runes are equipable on specific skills and add an extra effect that makes your skills more powerful.

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You can obtain Skill Runes by participating in certain activities throughout Lost Ark. Skill Runes are typically dropped from bosses or earned as collectible rewards, meaning you’ll have to invest some time before you get a good number of Skill Runes.

How to equip Skill Runes

Runes have different levels of rarities and can be acquired through different methods. To equip a Skill Rune, press “K” to open your Skills page. The Skill Runes that you have found on the right side of your Skills page, and can be attached to any of your skills.

First, click the skill you want to attach a Skill Rune to.

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Then, click the Skill Rune you want to attach. Afterward, hit “Equip” on the bottom. This will attach the Skill Rune to the skill and give it a new additional effect.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Check this list out below to see how to get each Skill Rune in the game:

List of Skill Runes and how to obtain them


On skill hit, Specialty Meter gain +10%/+20%/+30%/+40%.

  • Wealth: Stronghold Merchant Tuleu Adventurer’s Seal x1,420
  • Wealth: Tooki Island Tooki King RNG Loot
  • Wealth: Stronghold Merchant Tuleu Adventurer’s Seal x2,700
  • Wealth: Giant’s Heart x5
  • Wealth: Secret Map x34
  • Wealth: Iar Kaya
  • Wealth: Omnium Stars x5


Chance to gain 8%/12%/16% Attack Speed and Move Speed for 6 seconds when skill is used.

  • Rage: Tier 1 Chaos Gates and above
  • Rage: Tier 2 Chaos Gates and above
  • Rage: Tier 3 Chaos Gates


Skill Casting Speed +5%/8%/12%/14%.

  • Galewind: Raid Level 1 Guardians
  • Galewind: Raid Level 2 Guardians
  • Galewind: Raid Level 3 Guardians
  • Galewind: Raid Level 4 Guardians
  • Galewind: Raid Level 5 Guardians
  • Galewind: Raid Level 6 Guardians

Quick Recharge

Chance of all Cooldown times -8%/10%/12% when skill is used.

  • Quick Recharge: Shadespire 45th Floor Item
  • Quick Recharge: Fatespire 25th Floor Item
  • Quick Recharge: Fadespire 45th Floor Item


Inflicts a bleeding damage-over-time for 4/5/6 seconds on skill hit.

  • Bleed: Tier 1 Field Bosses
  • Bleed: Tier 2 Field Bosses
  • Bleed: Lucia Trusted
  • Bleed: Tier 3 Field Bosses


On Skill Hit, Stagger Damage +5%/10%/20%/30%.

  • Overwhelm: Spida Island Field Boss Kagros RNG Loot
  • Overwhelm: Stronghold Merchant Duekhyeon Adventurer’s Seal x1420
  • Overwhelm: Black Marketeer Pirate Coin x36,000
  • Overwhelm: 10% Shushire Adventure Tome Completion
  • Overwhelm: 30% Feiton Adventure Tome Completion
  • Overwhelm: Omnium Stars x3
  • Overwhelm: Stronghold Merchant Borza Adventurer’s Seal x27,000
  • Overwhelm: Anguished Isle Exchange Crimson Skein x3,600


Gain 5%/8%/12% of Max HP as a shield while casting skill.

  • Protection: Phantomwing Island Field Boss Adrienne RNG Loot
  • Protection: Island Token x50
  • Protection: Blade with the Blue Flames
  • Protection: Reed Field Treasure Chest
  • Protection: Omnium Stars x7


70% chance to remove a debuff when skill is used.

  • Purify: Ignea Token x5


Has 20%/30%/40% chance to imbue Conviction to self for 3s when skill hits. In this state, “Judgment” can be activated to gain additional effect.

  • Conviction: Tea and Libra Guild Vessels Pirate Coin x10,000
  • Conviction: Stronghold Merchant Roehn Adventurer’s Seal x2,850
  • Conviction: Masterpiece x24
  • Conviction: Stronghold Merchant Marte Adventurer’s Seal x27,000 (70% South Vern Stronghold Merchant)


Has 10%/20%/30%/40% chance to consume “Conviction” from self and increase Combat Resource Recovery and reduce Skill Cooldown for 6s.

  • Judgment: Tea and Libra Guild Vessels Pirate Coin x10,000
  • Judgment: North Vern Ealyn Rapport Trusted Stage
  • Judgment: Eternity Isle Marie Rapport Trusted Stage
  • Judgment: Masterpiece x44
  • Judgment: Stronghold Merchant MarteAdventurer’s Seal x27,000 (70% South Vern Stronghold Merchant)


MP consumption -10%/20%/30%/40%.

  • Focus: Spida Island Field Boss Kagros RNG Loot
  • Focus: Stronghold Merchant Borza Adventurer’s Seal x1,420
  • Focus: Unknown Island Field Bosses Beast Kings of Light/Darkness
  • Focus: Stronghold Merchant Borza Adventurer’s Seal x2,850
  • Focus: Rohendel Azena Rapport Friendly Stage
  • Focus: Giant’s Heart x13
  • Focus: Stronghold Merchant Borza Adventurer’s Seal x8,100
  • Focus: Secret Map x42
  • Focus: Chaos Line Hard Mode Merchant

Iron Wall

Damage received -5/8/16% while casting skill.

  • Iron Wall: Stronghold Merchant Duekhyeon Adventurer’s Seal x1,420
  • Iron Wall: Tooki Island Tooki King RNG Loot
  • Iron Wall: Walpurgis Night of Walpurgis Boss Rasakiel RNG Loot
  • Iron Wall: 20% North Vern Adventure Tome Completion

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