Where to find all Basement [B1] Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3


Luigi’s Mansion 3 is full of secret gems to find on each floor, so we are here to help you through the pain and show you exactly where to find and how to get them all.

We will start with the Basement Floor at the very bottom of the hotel, where there are six relatively easy gems to find spread out across it. Just a note, make sure you have every weapon and powerup before collecting each gem, as you will need to use your entire arsenal to find them all.

With that in mind, here is where to find each one on Floor B1:

Where to find all Basement [B1] Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3

  • White Gem: To the right of E-Gadd’s base, you will notice a car. Vacuum the Sheet off of it and use your Flashlight to unlock the boot. The gem will then pop out.
  • Red Gem: In the garage to the right is an Electric Fence, use Gooigi to pass through it and use a Suction Cup attack on the Electric box to the left. Use your Flashlight to activate the generator and collect the Gem.
  • Blue Gem: Go right of the Garage, and you will find a secret vent in the back corner. Use your Suction Cup attack to rip it off. Go through the new area and up a flight of stairs until you get to the top. You will see the Gem as you ascend. Use Gooigi to drop through a hole on the floor and collect the Gem.
  • Green Gem: In the Washing Machine. Use your Suction Cup attack to open the Door.
  • Purple Gem: In a painting next to the door leading to the Garage in the hallway. Use your Black Light to get it out of the painting.
  • Yellow Gem: Go up the stairs leading to the First Floor. At the top, use Gooigi to go down a vent to collect the hidden Yellow Gem beneath it.