Mad Max: Project Location & Rewards in Jeet’s Territory

You need new friends to survive the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Mad Max. In Jeet’s Territory, there are various items and projects you need to locate and complete it in order to get the reward. If your struggling to find the items and project then check this below to locate the possible projects and items throughout Jeet’s Territory in Mad Max.

Mad Max

In Jeet’s Stronghold projects, you have the option to add the locations of each part to your map. To speed up the process, you can try completing a single project at a time. For locating any scrap locations on map revealed, you must first complete the Survey Crew Project for any Territory/Stronghold.

Survey Crew Project

  • Part 1: South Blackmaws – Head West of Chum’s Hideout and then take the first left heading South to enter the Edge and cross the bridge. Now simply make headway until you notice the enemies with heavy attacks and a weapon. Fight and take down the nearby gate for South Blackmaws.
  • Part 2: Far Western edge of Balefire Flatland – Find the crossroads with Scarecrow and this is the road where you need to head southwest(one heading north). Now just keep following the route(in the compound) until you see corridors on the left and the ladder straight.
  • Part 3: North West corner of Dry Gustie – You need to eliminate the Stank Gum’s Legion and then search the area for the chest.
  • Reward: Scavenging locations on map

Scrap Crew Project

  • Part 1: You can notice at the end of the very thin road is the SE of Jeets Stronghold
  • Part 2: Collect the Small camp, project piece is at the end of the small jetty in the North of the B in Blackmaw.
  • Part 3: Simply climb the ledge and ladder to get to the top of Great Watchers camp in North West.
  • Part 4: Simply Climb down the ladder at the destination at South West of Crazy Racy Death Ruin.​​

    Hint: You should have the crowbar skill unlocked

  • Reward: You can Collect Scrap while game is offline


  • How to Unlock: You should Reduce the Threat in Jeet’s territory in order to unlock the Main Mission Lust for Powder. Complete Mission: Lust for Powder.
  • Reward: Refill ammo at no cost

Oil Well

  • Part 1: The Dredges Transfer Tank Camp
  • Part 2: Destroy the Oil Pump(North of Jeet’s territory). Then you must climb up a ladder with a zip line to a high point. Now use this zip line to locate the project part.
  • Reward: Refuel Magnum Opus at no cost

Maggot Farm

  • Part 1: North West of the Air Balloon in the West side of Dry Gustie.
  • Part 2: Mid Colossus – The road North of Intel Encounter and Legend Encounter make your way to the camp(up the huge metal ramp). Defeat the last group of enemies and you can see the next part is in a door towards the right.
  • Part 3: South Colossus – The next part is in the South of the Legend Encounter near Part 2. The part is just below the gate deep in the canyon.
  • Part 4: In North of the Air Balloon(Fuel Veins), Climb on the boat and drop down, now check on your left for the next part.
  • Reward: Restore Max’s health at no cost

Water Storage

  • Part 1: This Storage part is at the South West of the Balefire Flatland and North West of The Dredges camp.
  • Part 2: Kill the few enemies that are in the Northern road of Far North East corner of the Fuel Veins and search the nearby rusty boat wreckage for this part.
  • Reward: Fill Max’s Canteen at no cost

Cleanup Crew

  • Part 1: Simply locate and search the upturned ship for a ladder inside which is at the end of the road West of The Pipes Oil Pump Camp.
  • Part 2: This part is in the North East of ‘A’ in Blackmaws on the map. Just Locate and search the sunken ship.
  • Part 3: This is on the North East of most Southern Scarecrow and Far East of Colossus area
  • Reward: Collect Scrap from all defeated vehicles in the territory

Dog And Buggy

  • How to Unlock: Complete Mission ‘Dinki Di’ from Chum
  • Reward: Locate minefields


  • Part 1: 500 Scrap
  • Part 2: 1000 Scrap
  • Part 3: 1500 Scrap
  • Reward: Helps you to grow the Stronghold