Madden 22: Best classes in The Yard

Throw it down with these classes.

The Yard is back for another year in Madden, as football fans can test their hands in an arcade mode full of trick plays, open fields, and a change of pace from traditional football games. The Yard features a number of classes, which affect the attributes of each build. With that being a thing in Madden 22, you might be wondering which classes are the best in The Yard. It depends on what you want to be in The Yard, since each has its own abilities and X-Factors (which can be changed, by the way). But if you just want to dive in and go, we have five picks that we think are strong archetypes.

The General

Truzz is a fantastic quarterback class, but the one main issue with it in The Yard is that it really isn’t the best for this mode. QBs don’t have the luxury of running the football, making it a bit of a tough fit. Another QB class, The General, has the valuable Bazooka X-Factor that maximizes throwing range. This is something that will be very useful in The Yard. Unfortunately, it does come with lowering the Throw Under Pressure stat. The good news with this, though, is that you should have a buffer for a few seconds before the rush can come, thanks to the rules of The Yard. So, this shouldn’t be much of an issue.


While Hitman is listed as a QB class, it’s really geared towards safeties. That’s not much of a shock, given that QBs play as a safety on the defensive side of the ball. Hitman players start out as an 81 OVR, and the Shutdown X-Factor comes with this archetype. Shutdown allows players to play with tighter coverage, and allows equips uses with a better chance to pick balls on contested catches. This defensive-minded class certainly can pack a punch in The Yard.

The Shadow

Ball carrier moves can be devastating in The Yard, thanks to the fact that there’s simply more room to roam out on the field. Add The Shadow class, along with the First One Free X-Factor, and things can get tough for the opposition. First One Free boosts ball carrier moves, making this class an ideal one for backs and really any type of ball carrier position. And with no downgrades. The Shadow looks to be one of the better classes you could choose from.


Moonshot comes with the rare Mosses X-Factor ability. This X-Factor brings the heat in terms of receivers, as it gives wide outs a big boost in terms of making tough catches. This class also features several deep ball-focused Superstar abilities and no downgrades. That’s certainly not a bad combination for The Yard.

The Freak

We finish off this list with The Freak, a powerful class that comes with the Wrecking Ball X-Factor. This X-Factor boosts stiff arms, a perfect ability for ball carriers and defensive players who can force turnovers with ease. Bowling over defenders can be a big boost in The Yard, so if you don’t like any of the other ones we mentioned above, perhaps The Freak can help you out.