Madden 22: How to earn Franchise Staff Points work and how it works

Let’s take a look at Staff Points.

Madden 22’s launch is inching closer and closer, and that means a look towards what’s new in the latest title from EA. Electronic Arts has promised big changes to Franchise mode for quite some time now, and EA Sports has already unveiled some details regarding these changes mentioned above. In Madden 22, you’ll want to get familiar with Staff Points. What are Staff Points, and how can you earn these points? Let’s take a look at what EA has said about this feature.

In Madden 22’s Franchise mode, Staff Points can be used towards upgrading tree traits for coaches. Tree traits are essentially traits that each coach possesses, and there are a series of upgrades you will need to acquire to boost the attributes of the said coach.

To earn Staff Points in Franchise mode, you will be able to choose and select certain weekly team goals for each coach. This, per EA’s Franchise Deep Dive video on the subject, can be done in the Weekly Team Goal Selection screen. These goals, for example, can range from getting multiple touchdowns in the first half, to winning the game by 14 or more points.

Screenshot from EA

If you are able to meet the goals, you will be able to acquire Staff Points, which, as mentioned earlier, can then be used towards upgrading traits.