Madden 22 Ultimate Season: 1st Quarter – All MUT level rewards, season objectives, and more

The start of the game has arrived.

Image via EA Sports

Madden 22 will launch in full on August 20, so it’s time to start prepping for the start of the new year. Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) players will also need to gear up for new changes, as MUT levels are no longer static once hitting Level 50. This year, MUT levels will reset after the end of each Ultimate Season. Ultimate Seasons are period of times in which players can accrue XP and gain rewards, and once the old one ends, a new one begins and you will need to grind all over again.

The first Ultimate Season, aptly entitled the Ultimate Season: 1st Quarter, is underway, and with it, a slew of new rewards. Let’s take a look at the rewards, plus objectives and how to level up.

Leveling up in MUT will be the key this year. Madden players can rank up in a variety of ways, including completing new Daily and Weekly Objectives.

There are 50 levels this season, so let’s take a look at the rewards for completing each one:

250 Training
310,000 Coins
41 70+ OVR Gold or better player
51 Season Champion Fantasy Pack, 1 Season Collectible
650 Training
71 Common Strategy Item
81 62-81 OVR Power Up Pass
91 70+ OVR Gold or better player
101 86 OVR Rookie Premier Fantasy Pack (Not tradeable)
111 Common Strategy Item
1210,000 Coins
131 Gold Team Fantasy Pack
1450 Training
151 Season Collectible
161 Uncommon Strategy Item
171 Pro Fantasy Pack
1810,000 Coins
191 62-81 OVR Power Up Pass
201 Elite Pack
21100 Training
221 70+ OVR Gold or better player
231 Common Strategy Item
2410,000 Coins
251 Season Collectible
261 Gold Team Fantasy Pack
271 Uncommon Strategy Item
281 82-84 OVR Power Up Pass
2910,000 Coins
301 Rare Strategy Item
31100 Training
321 Gridiron Pack
3310,000 Coins
341 Common Strategy Item
351 Season Collectible
361 Pro Fantasy Pack
371 82-84 OVR Power Up Pass
3810,000 Coins
391 Gridiron Pack
4089 OVR Ultimate Season Linval Joseph (Not tradeable)
4110,000 Coins
421 Uncommon Strategy Item
431 70+ OVR Gold or better player
441 85-86 OVR Power Up Pass
451 Season Collectible
461 Common Strategy Item
471 Gridiron Pack
481 87-88 OVR Power Up Pass
4910,000 Coins
5091 OVR Ultimate Season George Kittle (Not tradeable)

A couple of things to consider here for the 1st Quarter. If you hit Level 50, you will receive a 91 OVR George Kittle, an 89 OVR defensive tackle, and a special Season Champion Fantasy Pack at Level 5. MUT players can choose one of two players, linebacker Junior Seau or wide receiver Devin Hester. Both are low 80+ OVR MUT cards, but both can be powered up. You will need special Season Collectibles, which can be acquired through leveling up, in order to boost the ratings of these cards.

Leveling up is going to be a grind. However, EA Sports has added a number of cumulative season objectives to make it a bit easier to acquire XP and unlock new levels.

Let’s take a look at the seasonal objectives:

  • Earn 175 Stars in The Campaign (15,000 XP and 500 Coins)
  • Rush for 4,000 Yards (10,000 XP and 500 Coins)
  • Force 30 fumbles (5,000 XP and 500 Coins)
  • Win 100 games (7,500 XP and 500 Coins)
  • Win 35 Head to Head Online games or Solo Battles (10,000 XP and 500 Coins)
  • Win 5 Head to Head games while holding your opponent to <125 passing yards (5,000 XP and 500 Coins)
  • Pass for 3,000 yards in Head to Head (5,000 XP and 500 Coins)
  • Open 50 packs (2,500 XP and 500 Coins)

Some of these objectives are online-only, so keep that in mind. Also, you can accrue yards, fumbles, and wins through challenges. So, you don’t needed to necessarily play 100 games against the CPU and/or online players to complete the fourth objective listed above.

Additionally, there are also a number of special Early Access Objectives that can be completed. Each one will yield 1,000 XP, and MUT players will receive an additional 10,000 for completing all five.