Madden 23: How Field Pass works in MUT

Get ready to grind.

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Madden 23 has long had a “pay-to-win” element, which hasn’t changed entirely for 2022. However, free-to-play MUT users will have much more leeway, thanks to the addition of Field Pass. Field Pass is a new feature that works like the seasons in Madden 22 but has been revamped to make it easier to earn rewards just from playing the game. So, how does Field Pass work in Madden NFL 23?

Madden NFL 23 Field Pass working explained

If you’re familiar with how San Diego Studios handles featured programs in MLB The Show 22, Field Pass should look and sound similar. Field Pass is like traditional season passes in free-to-play games, but luckily, users do not need to pay any money to unlock access and there are no paid tiers.

In Field Pass, users need to obtain XP. We will share details on how that can be done in a second. Earn XP, and it will be stacked to unlock new rewards that are a part of the pass. Each tier in the field passes yields some reward.

There are many Field Passes, ranging from the Season-based ones with a set lifespan. Other Field Passes, like Headliners, are built around a specific theme and generally rewards players with cards and other items that revolve around a promo.

How to get XP in Madden NFL 23

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In order to get XP and make progress towards the Field Pass, users must complete in-game objectives. These objectives can be stat-based, meaning that some could include accumulating a certain amount of sacks or passing yards. Others could also include completing Daily Objectives for consecutive days, completing sets, and making progress in other themed-based Field Passes.

If you want to check what objectives are live for the being, go to the Main Menu. Go to the Play section, and find the ‘View All Field Passes’ tab. Click it, and you will be able to see all of the objectives active for all the field passes and the rewards for hitting each tier.