Magic: The Gathering Wilds of Eldraine Set – Dates, Cards & Details

Wilds of Eldraine is taking Magic: The Gathering on a fairy tale tour.

Image Via Wizard of the Coast

The Phyrexian invasion is over, and a new era has begun for Magic: The Gathering, starting with the new Wilds of Eldraine, a new set that returns to the fairy tale plane of Eldraine. After all the horror and bloodshed of the multiverse’s war against Phyrexia, it’ll be good to return to Magic’s roots and indulge in pure fantasy stories.

Wilds of Eldraine follows on from the hugely successful The Lord of the Rings: Tale of Middle-earth set, which brought the Fellowship of the Ring and their allies/enemies into the game, as well as Commander Masters, which reprinted numerous cards specifically for the Commander format. This set kicks off the Omenpath Arc, which reveals what happened after the Desparkening, where many famous Planeswalkers lost their spark during the Phyrexian Invasion.

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When Is Magic: The Gathering’s Wilds Of Eldraine Set Released?

Image Via Wizard of the Coast

Wilds of Eldraine will be released on September 8. A pre-release will be held from September 1-7, with the digital release on September 5. The Wilds of Eldraine set will have a Starter Set, Commander Decks (the Green/White Virtue & Valor and Black/Blue Fae Dominion decks), Booster Draft packs, and Collector Booster packs.

There are also Enchanting Tales cards, which are reprinted cards with a new frame. One Enchanting Tales card appears in every Wilds of Eldraine Booster but be warned that they’re non-Standard legal. It has been confirmed that twenty of the Enchanting Tales card have anime art, with their own borderless and confetti foil variants.

Confirmed New & Returning Mechanics In Magic: The Gathering’s Wilds of Eldraine Set

Image Via Wizard of the Coast

Not much has been revealed about the mechanics of Wilds of Eldraine outside of the fairy tale theme of the set. We know that Adventures will be part of the set, as they debuted in Throne of Eldraine, and Enchantment cards will also be a big deal. Food tokens will also be part of the set, recently featured heavily in The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth.

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Wilds of Eldraine isn’t the final Magic: The Gathering set of 2023, as there are still the Doctor Who Commander Decks and the Lost Caverns of Ixalan to come. The set marks an important moment for Magic: The Gathering, as it kicks off a brand-new storyline and will pave the way for the next few years worth of content.