The 10 best Roblox Tycoon games

The best management simulators on Roblox.


There are dozens of tycoon games for those who love management games that you can try on Roblox. These games will put your management skills to test as you try building a location from the ground up. Become the mayor of a town, a principal of a school, or manage a zoo full of dinosaurs. These are some of the best tycoon games that you can play on Roblox, giving you the chance to express your creativity.

City Life Tycoon

Image via City Life Tycoon

In the City Life Tycoon game, you’ll be creating a personalized city that you can show off to your friends and any guests you invite. You’ll be able to purchase workers to manage the buildings you create, and you quite a bit of freedom within it. Although you start on a single island with a few neighbors nearby, you can quickly develop your roads and buildings from the ground up, with the only limitation being your creativity. When you want to take a break from the building, you can drive around in a vehicle of your choice or view it from above by flying a plane or a helicopter over your creation.

Dino Zoo Tycoon

Image via Dino Zoo Tycoon

If you’ve always wanted to bring your plastic dinosaurs to life, Dino Zoo Tycoon lets you create a dinosaur zoo that you can take care of. You’ll be able to buy decorations for the dinosaur enclosure for your dinosaurs to live in, and you can show them off to visitors at a safe distance. You’ll have to take care of each dinosaur you bring to your park to keep them healthy and happy inside their enclosure. As you make a larger park, you’ll gain access to larger dinosaurs and more decorations to personalize your park.

Game Company Tycoon

Image via Game Company Tycoon

The humble beginnings of a game developer in Game Company Tycoon has you starting in your garage. Eventually, you’ll work your way up to purchasing a company office and managing employees to develop your game. You have the choice to focus on making a game company that you enjoy taking care of or compete against other players to make a more successful company in global leaderboards. The more time you spend with your employees and developing your company, the more money you earn to expand your operation.

My Dragon Tycoon

Image by My Dragon Tycoon

If the business management simulator is not for you, My Dragon Tycoon gives you the chance to take care of a dragon where you can take care of them on a farm. There’s still a good deal of management in My Dragon Tycoon, and you’ll balance it between raising the many dragons you’ll be able to acquire and the farm where you’ll be growing crops and a place to stay. Your dragons can learn skills, and you’ll be able to equip weapons on your character that you can use to battle fearsome monsters all of the game. Eventually, you’ll be able to pit yourself and your dragons against bosses.

Olympian Gods Tycoon

Image via Olympian Gods Tycoon

The Olympian Gods Tycoon has you playing as one of the six Greek gods, and you’ll be building a temple to acquire more gold and money. Your goal is to unlock new powers and equipment to face off against other players in the game. The more upgrades you acquire, the more powers you’ll gain, and eventually, you can hire guards to protect your temple. With enough strength, you’ll be able to take on Kronos, the King of the Titans.

Pyramid Tycoon

Image via Pyramid Tycoon

The Pyramid Tycoon gives you the chance to live like a powerful pharaoh where you’ll be creating a profitable pyramid from the ground up. You don’t begin with much at the start, only having a single hopper to produce a small income. Eventually, it’ll grow into a massive empire that you can use to fashion a personalized pyramid. When you’re ready for a break, you can explore the exterior of your pyramid to check out your hard work and invite friends and competitors to check it out.

School Tycoon

Image via School Tycoon

As a new principal in School Tycoon, you’ll be tasked with managing the teachers to ensure they’re teaching all students and janitors to keep the place spotless. By having more students, you’ll be able to earn more coins to customize the interior of your school, modify the uniform, and managing the daily schedule of your students. You’ll be able to create multiple floors of your school, adding grading rooms, lockers, exterior trees, and your office that you can decorate.

Tiny Town Tycoon

Image via Tiny Town Tycoon

If you don’t need a massive city to run around in, Tiny Town Tycoon places you in a small perspective to explore a scaled-down town. You’ll be able to watch your citizens grow up in your town as you make it larger and take care of their needs. You begin your town with a small block and slowly expand the streets, the apartments, and add more buildings to turn it into a miniature metropolis. The more time you spend improving the city, the more citizens visit and decide to make a home there.

Tropical Resort Tycoon

Image via Tropical Resort Tycoon

When you want to get away from the hectic life of a noisy city, the Tropical Resort Tycoon will have you managing a massive vacation retreat for guests to unwind. You’ll expand your resort to add an airport, a villa for your guests to relax at, and explore your neighbor’s islands to see if they can’t give you any ideas for your establishment. With the addition of an arcade, you can invite friends to visit and play again them to see who’s the best.

Zoo Tycoon

Image via Zoo Tycoon

The Roblox twist on the classic Zoo Tycoon. Here, you’ll be able to create your ideal zoo, setting up habitats with our favorite exotic animals that you seldom have the chance to see in the wild. There’s also the option to add unicorns, aquariums full of killer whales, and even dinosaurs if you have enough money. Expand your zoo to have your guests traveling all over, and add more decorations to increase your income as you build the best zoo on the server.