Maneater hints and tips for beginners – how to be a better shark

The perfect killer.


Maneater is all about being a shark, and to help you be the best shark that you can be, we have collected some hints and tips to help you through the early game. These will put you on the right path for dominating the ocean, and ensure your enemies are little more than a nice lunch.

#1 Always be eating

The deepwater is the ultimate feeding ground, and you should always be eating something. Eating will get you important resources that you need to grow large, upgrade yourself, and evolve. It is better to eat all the time as you travel between missions than it is to have to farm up lots of resources in the late game.

#2 Track down Evo Crates

Evo Crates, or nutrient caches, provide you with lots of experience which helps you level up faster, and lots of resources. They are easily one of the best resources you have in the game, so tracking them all down in each area should be a priority.

#3 Spam your radar

When you are not chewing on something you should be spamming your radar ability. Your radar will pick up areas of interest like landmarks, nutrient caches, grates you can smash through, and license plates. They will then be marked on the map, and highlighted in the game world itself, making them very easy to track down.

#4 Check your log

Each area is filled with challenges and missions, and some of those will reward you with powerful upgrades and evolutions. Checking your log regularly will let you prioritize what to do, and help you progress the story if you get confused about what to do next.

#5 Don’t worry about clearing areas

In the early game, don’t worry about trying to completely clear areas. There will be some spots you just can’t get into and will need to come back when you are older. Simply move into another area and start eating whatever you can find there, and finish up the new missions that open up.

#6 You can only upgrade at the grotto

If you want to upgrade an ability or try a new evolution, you will need to return to the grotto. You can fast travel to each grotto using your map.

#7 Experiment with evolutions

Evolutions are fun, and you can either rock a full set of a specific type or mix and match them for a range of bonuses. Be sure to play around and find a setup that you like using, and is effective for your playstyle.

#8 There is no stamina bar

In combat, spam your dodge. You don’t have a stamina bar and can spam your dodge ability as much as you like. This keeps you safe, especially if you are at the surface of the water fighting hunters. Dodging will auto break the lock on that hunters get on you before they shoot, helping you to avoid a lot of damage.