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Maquette – The Wedge Full Chapter Walkthrough

Confusion reigns supreme.
This article is over 3 years old and may contain outdated information

The Wedge in Maquette introduces yet more mechanics that were hinted at in the previous chapter, the idea of making yourself very small to get to new areas and find items. This is something you will need to do a lot over the course of the chapter.

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This chapter is long and complicated, so in this guide, we will show you how to get through it with minimal headaches.

The Wedge Full Chapter Walkthrough

To start this chapter, walk around to the pink house where the front door will open. Go up and inside, then leave through the back garden. At the back of the garden is a small structure that you can go inside of it and hit a switch to go down on a platform. When you reach the end and walk out the back, you will discover that you are now small and have left the central model across the street from the pink house.

Cross the street, then walk up the rake lying against the wall on the right, onto the wall. Go as far up the steps as you can before dropping down to them, then use the plant pots and stones to climb up the stairs.

Go inside, and you will find a small dollhouse that you can go into. Head inside, and a cutscene will play, then grab the small set of stairs and go all the way back and up the platform again to return to your normal size.

Take the stairs and you will notice that some writing has appeared on the fence near the area with the trees and scattered houses. Right beside that is a slightly broken section of fence. Place the small stairs on the central model in this area, then a large one will appear that you can use to climb into the new area.

Go into the first building on the right and pull the level inside to make the entire front fence drop down into the ground. Go back and grab the small stairs on the model and move it to the isolated house surrounded by a fence with an open door.

Go back into the area with the trees and into the building at the very back, then hit the lever on the wall to open up a stairway at the rear of the area. Head down those stairs to once again become tiny.

Cross the street and go underneath the railings of the isolated house, then go up the ramp and into the building for another cutscene.

When the scene is over, use the pipe against the wall to make your way up onto the chair and hit the lever above you. Now it is time to head back across the street, up the stairs that originally made us small, and back to the central area to move the small steps again.

Pick up the steps and move them over to the corner of the wall near the house with the smoking chimney. Use them to climb up, jump onto the wall, then down into the new area.

The smaller building on the left contains a lever you can pull to once again drop down the front railing, and it will also open a door on the second floor of the large house. Go back to the model and move the stairs again to give you access to this door. Make sure the stairs are facing the side of the house in the manner shown above.

Go back to the room at the end of the area, make yourself small, then cross the street and head up the ramp, and jump over the broken banister near the top to land on the ledge of the house near the writing on the wall. Go left and jump onto the top of the banister, then walk up into the house and head for the hole in the wall.

Go inside and grab the golden key from the mousetrap, then head back to the central area to make yourself big again. Head to the church on the left and use the key to open the door.

Now it’s time to go and grab the small steps from beside the house and place them in front of the chapel. Large steps will appear, so go and grab them and bring them into the central area and place them leading up to the bell tower. This will give you access to a small bell at the top, which you can ring to end the chapter.

A final cutscene will play, where you learn more about the disintegrating relationship.

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