Mario Kart Tour: How to Accept a Friend Request


You can receive friend requests in Mario Kart Tour, and to do so, you’re going to need to get past the Yoshi Cup. When you’re here, you’re going to unlock ranking at the same time. The friend’s list lets you compete against anyone on there, comparing the scores they have during their ranked matches. In the future, you might be able to interact with this list to play in multiplayer games. Here’s how you accept a request.

Accept a Friend Request in Mario Kart Tour

You’re going to receive the notification on your phone when your friend sends you the request. Before they can do so, though, they’re going to need your 12 digit idea. To do it from the application, go to the menu screen and go to the “Friends,” icon in the menu. When you click on the icon, you’re going to pop over to an empty list with your username.

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Click on the “+ Add Friend,” button, and you’ll see a new pop up. You’re going to see your ID available in the upper section. Send this to your friend and wait for their request. While you’re waiting, proceed out of the menu and wait for the notification. Upon receiving the notification, return to this screen, and click the “+ Add Friend,” button once more. At the top, you should see the nickname of the person who sent you a request.

The player’s name should add to the menu where you previously saw your username. If they’re competing in the ranked system and have completed the initial three courses, you’re going to see their name with a score. Now you can have a small competition with your friends to see who can get the highest score in the first ranked races.

You have the option to link your Facebook and Twitter profile to the Mario Kart Tour account to find other players who are on your social media. If they have also linked their social media profiles to their Mario Kart Tour, you’re going to see their names pop up as suggestions to become friends.