All New Tracks Added to Mario Kart Tour


Mario Kart Tour went live earlier this morning. We’ve been racing around the track, trying to learn more about it quickly. Right now, we’re learning about some of the new tracks getting featured in the game. There are several returning favorites coming back to the franchise, too. Here are the new courses you’re going to see in the game, along with what the developers have mapped out for the game in the future.

All New Tracks in Mario Kart Tour

At launch, the developers only have one new track to the game. It’s the New York Minute track. The developers designed the track using inspirations from locations throughout New York, using the real-world city to influence and provide a unique aesthetic to the Mario Kart environment.

For now, that’s the one only among the ten courses for the entire game. The other courses are revamped versions of tracks showcased in previous Mario Kart games throughout the franchise’s lifetime. If you’re a returning and lifelong fan of the game, you’re going to notice several throwbacks to some of the more iconic locations from Mario Kart.

However, are you going to see new tracks?

The answer is yes, you will. The developers, at this time, have detailed plans of wanting to release new tracks to the map every two weeks. These tracks are going to have inspirations from other iconic cities around the real-world, such as Paris and London. Players who are looking forward to playing on new tracks are not going to have to wait too long for new content to drop for the game.

You can play Mario Kart Tour right now on your mobile device. You’re going to need a Nintendo account to play it.