All Support Code Errors in Mario Kart Tour and Potential Fixes


Mario Kart Tour has launched, and as can often be the case on a game’s launch day some support code errors are affecting players. In this article, we will be gathering all the ones that we experience together, as well as potential fixes discovered by either us, the community, or from the Nintendo Support page.

All Support Code Errors in Mario Kart Tour and Potential Fixes

Below you will find a list of links to articles covering some of the most common support code errors:

  • 805-1415
  • 805-0001
  • 806-7250
  • 805-9314
  • 806-1412 (see potential fixes below)
  • 806 1728 (see potential fixes below)
  • 806-9021 (see potential fixes below)
  • 806-9781 (see potential fixes below)
  • 805-1328 (unknown error on Nintendo Support page)

The most common advice for error codes given by the Nintendo Support page is as follows:

  • Restart the application and try again
  • Restart the device and relaunch the application after the restart
  • Reinstall the application completely

They then advise that for additional questions or technical assistance, please submit your inquiry to [email protected].

If you search the Nintendo Support page and get no results for an error code, it is essential to submit the error code through the email listed above. It is best to include information like the make and model of phone you are using, the OS version you are running, and what you are doing in the game when you experience the error. This gives the developers the best chance of replicating the code and solving the problem quickly.

Also, keep in mind that this is launch day, and due to all manner of reasons things can and will go wrong. Rest assured that the developers will be hard at work trying to solve any issues, and provide as many people as possible with a smooth gameplay experience.