Mario Kart Tour- Are you racing against bots or other players?


Mario Kart Tour has been live for over 12 hours today, and so far it has been an innovative and fun game despite being on mobile devices. However, there is one question that has been asked even before the game’s launch from places like Reddit: are we playing with live players or with bots?

Mario Kart Tour- Are you racing against bots or other players?

The answer is somewhat confusing, but simple at the same time. While the names of the racers we face against have a ton of variety, ranging from English to Japanese names, we are playing against bots. The match does not even start until the player taps on their mobile device. This goes the same for the tutorial mode where the bots wait until the player begins the race.

This also adds the fact that loading times for races are swift. If real-life people were playing the same race track at the same time as you, it would take some time like playing Mario Kart online.

The game will get progressively hard with the more cups you do, but it also takes away that we are only playing with bots and not with friends or anyone else live. You can even pause the game and come back to it whenever you like, so it defeats the purpose of playing live at the moment.

Hopefully, in the future, the multiplayer will give players a chance to be competitive on the go just like in previous main series titles. It is the game’s launch date, after all, so over time, Mario Kart Tour will find its place and update continuously with more content and offer competitive play between friends and people from all over the world.