What Is Coin Rush In Mario Kart Tour?


Mario Kart Tour’s Coin Rush option lets you spend those hard-earned (or purchased) Rubies to go barrelling around a course as a Golden Mario, collecting coins along the way. Is the option worth it, though?

What Is Coin Rush In Mario Kart Tour?

Coin Rush

Coin Rush allows you to spend Rubies to race around a course as a Golden Mario, gathering up coins. Depending on how many Rubies you spend, the coins you pick up will be multiplied, meaning you can potentially earn a vast amount of coins this way.

  • 5 Rubies – Coins x 2
  • 15 Rubies – Coins x 5
  • 25 Rubies – Coins x 10

There will be over 300 coins on the track, with some red ones and blue ones that are worth a greater value of coins. Golden Mario has a very large vacuum effect, so all you need to do is hold the centerline, and you will gather up every coin on the track.

To begin a Coin Rush race, click on the + symbol beside your Coin counter at the top of the screen, then choose how many Rubies you want to spend.

Is Coin Rush Worth It?

This is a decision that only you can make, but there are certainly times when it will make sense to do a Coin Rush. If you check the Shop, and a driver, kart or glider that you want is part of the Daily Selects, giving you the chance to buy it with coins, then it makes sense to do it. If the Coin Rush would get you the number of coins you need to to buy the item, at an X2 multiplier, then it is a much better investment of 5 Rubies than firing the pipe.

The pipe might get you what you want, but if the Coin Rush can guarantee it, then it is the better use of your hard-earned Rubies. Whether or not the Coin Rush makes sense for you to do will depend on how many coins you have, what is available in the shop, and exactly how badly you want to get your hands on a specific item.