Mario Kart Tour – Get a Fantastic Combo a total of Five Times


Mario Kart Tour has just been updated, and the Halloween Tour is here! As always, it is a two-week long tour, giving us plenty of time to finish up the new Challenges! One such challenge is to get a Fantastic Combo a total of 5 times.

Mario Kart Tour – Get a Fantastic Combo a Total of 10 Times

Your driver and course combination will be vital to get a Fantastic Combo 10 times. I would suggest trying to rack up Fantastic Combos at 100CC. It’s a good brisk pace on most courses, allowing you to keep combos up, while also not being so fast that you might miss essential coins and ramps to add to the Combo. The other drivers will also be a little less skilled and aggressive, meaning they are less likely to be able to interrupt your combos.

It is also best not to use any driver that has speed up abilities, as this can once again cause you to miss some coins or ramps, and it might be better to use a driver with a more offensive focused Special Ability to ensure a combo count when you need it. Yoshi and his homing Yoshi Eggs can save the day on this one.

Your combo will build whenever you perform any of the following actions in the game:

  • Hitting other drivers with items while playing
  • Collecting coins
  • Hitting a drift to get a boost
  • Preforming a jump boost
  • Gliding
  • Collecting Items
  • Special Moves
  • Overtaking

The idea is to go from action to action, jump a ramp, picking up a coin, grabbing an item, drifting around a corner, hitting an enemy with an item, then grabbing another coin, all in one smooth run so that your combo counters stay building. Another great way to build a Combo is with your glider.

To get a Fantastic Combo, you need to do 9 Combo building moves without letting the chain break by going too long between each action. Which course you do is entirely up to you, but I would suggest a long course, with plenty of twists and turns, good coin placements, and item boxes that will make it easier to build up the combo. You only need to do it five times in two weeks, so it should be something that happens pretty naturally while you play the game.