Mario Kart Tour Support Code 805-0001 Explained


Mario Kart Tour error code 805-0001 is affecting a lot of people out there as they are trying to play the game. Upon getting the error, players will be told that they need to update the game, but no update will be available at the time. There are a couple of simple things you can do to try and resolve this issue, and they won’t take very long to try.

Mario Kart Tour Error Code 805-0001 Explained

I imagine the reason for this boils down to two main causes. The first is that an update didn’t install correctly, the second is that people are just unfortunate and trying to play the game while an update is being pushed out onto their phone. Just run through the below steps to see if it resolves the issues for you.

The first thing to do is to wait a couple of minutes. If the update is being pushed out onto the network, the game might be waiting for it to complete before telling you it is available to download. Waiting a short while should solve this for you.

If that doesn’t work then try restarting your app, and then restarting your phone if it still hasn’t fixed the problem for you. Phones, cell signals, and wifi can all be awkward, if anything went wrong with your connection while downloading an update in the background, the app could be stuck in limbo until you restart all the connections again.

If you still can’t get it to work, then try reinstalling the app. This shouldn’t delete your save files, and you should be able to keep all your progress.

If none of those fix the issue, then I fear it is a problem on the developers end that they will need to resolve. These things can happen on launch day, so it shouldn’t take too long for the problem to be fixed.