Mario Kart Tour Error Code 805-9314 Explained


Lots of people who are trying to play Mario Kart Tour this morning as being hit with the support code 805-9314. Unfortunately this appears to be a pretty common error, so you are definitely not alone in experiencing it. The error does not appear to be platform specific, and can show up on both Android and iOS.

Mario Kart Tour Error Code 805-9314 Explained

Unfortunately, searching the Nintendo Support page doesn’t bring back any results for this particular error code. There are three standard ways that the Support Page advises you to deal with just about all error codes, however.

  • Restart the application and try again
  • Restart the device and relaunch the application after restart
  • Reinstall the application completely

They then advise that for additional questions or technical assistance, please submit your inquiry to: [email protected].

Unfortunately, if none of those options resolve the issue, there is not much you can do except wait for the developers to issue an update that solves the problem. It is definitely a good idea to report the problem through the proper channels if you are experiencing, as this lets the devs know the extent of the issue.

Keep in mind, this is launch day, and problems will occur, especially on mobile devices where there is such a huge variety of different phones on the market, and not every make and model can be tested in the run up to release.

Because of the lack of information on the support page, I strongly advise reporting this issue through the email address given above. It is best to include information like the make and model of phone you are using, the OS version you are running, and what you are doing in the game when you experience the error. This gives the developers the best chance of replicating the code and solving the problem quickly.