Mario Kart Tour – How to Land Five Hits with Bob-ombs in a Single Race Using a Driver with an Extended Tongue


We’re back in it with more Mario Kart Tour challenges. Players are going to get the chance to test their skills, trying out new challenges to earn new badges and prizes. Challenge players can complete this week is land five hits with bob-ombs during a single race using a driver with an extended tongue. Here’s how you do it.

Mario Kart Tour – How to Land Five Hits with Bob-ombs in a Single Race using a Driver with an Extended Tongue

Before you can jump into your ideal race and start tossing these dangerous items at other drivers, you need to find the correct driver. Finding the correct one may seem easy because of certain characters who released for the mobile game’s Halloween event. However, for those dreading having to draw those special new drivers out of the pipe, there’s another hopeful choice you may have forgotten about.

Here are the drivers you can use to complete this challenge:

  • King Boo
  • King Boo (Luigi’s Mansion)
  • Yoshi

That’s right, Mario Kart Tour fans. You can use Yoshi to complete this challenge. While both King Boo options have their tongues out most of the time, Yoshi’s tongue does extend in the games, so Yoshi does count.

When you pick out your ideal driver, you need to determine how to execute your plan to liter the race track with as many bob-ombs you can throw. To gain bob-ombs, you’re going to need to get them through item boxes. But there’s a lot of chance involved with this option. You won’t always get a bob-omb every time you dash through one.

The best way to give yourself a chance to collect bob-ombs is to choose courses you get the most item boxes, which is by selecting courses your chosen driver favors. You can view those choices in their driver profiles in the “drivers” portion of your menu.

Here are each of the above driver’s favored courses where they gain three item boxes instead of only one.

King Boo
  • Shy Guy Bazaar
  • Luigi’s Mansion
  • Ghost Valley 1R
King Boo (Luigi’s Mansion)
  • Bowser’s Castle 1
  • Shy Guy Bazaar 1
  • Luigi’s Mansion T
  • Rock Rock Mountain T
  • Ghost Valley 1
  • Ghost Valley 1R
  • Yoshi Circuit
  • Yoshi Circuit T
  • Rock Rock Mountain

When you pick one of these drivers, make sure you’re taking them to one of their favored courses to get the most out of them. Of the three choices, King Boo (Luigi’s Mansion) comes with the highest chance of completing this challenge. They have twice as many favored courses than the others. Plus, King Boo (Luigi’s Mansion) has a special skill where he can summons a Bob-omb Cannon on the front of his vehicle to start firing out the little guys. It makes him a shoo-in to complete the challenge, but the other two still have the chance to make it happen.

Good luck, Mario Kart Tour drivers.