Mario Kart Tour: How to Flatten Opponents Three Times During Races


There’s a new series of challenges for Mario Kart Tour players to complete with the introduction of the Halloween tour. These challenges are going to give drivers a decent reward for their trouble. A challenge available for players to finish is to flatten opponents three times during races. It doesn’t look like players need to do this in a single race, so it’s going to be a bit easier than some of the others on the list.

How to Flatten Opponents Three Times during Races in Mario Kart Tour

Running over your opponents is a bit more complicated than it seems. Players cannot do this by rushing up behind them using a speed mushroom, or landing on them by flying over ahead and hitting them with their vehicle. Instead, to flatten an opponent, players need to pick up a specific item to get big enough to crush other drivers on the track. This item is the Mega Mushroom.

The Mega Mushroom looks similar to the regular speed mushroom, but it has an orange top with red spots, and the top of the mushroom is exceptionally massive in comparison to the regular mushrooms. Regardless, it’s going to stand out when you pick it up.

Unfortunately, this challenge comes with a random chance of players potentially getting the Mega Mushroom by dring through an item box. The best way to assure players get this useful is to remain somewhere in the middle of the other drivers. When you’re further ahead of everyone else, you’re going to lower your chances of getting it to drop for you.

You don’t want to activate it immediately, too. You want to make sure when you have it to have a driver or two nearby you. You can’t complete the challenge if you don’t flatten any of the other drivers.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do this during a single race. You can do this throughout your games during this tour. The challenges dropped on Oct. 22, and you have until Nov. 5 to complete it. Good luck, drivers.