Mario Kart Tour – How To Activate Frenzy Five Times


Mario Kart Tour has moved from the jazzy nightlife of New York Tour to the authentic and oriental Tokyo Tour. With a new tour, new challenges are available to complete in the successful mobile game. Some are simple, others are hard, and others take some grinding to get Stars. One of the puzzling challenges currently is to activate Frenzy mode five times.

But what is Frenzy mode? Frenzy mode gives you invincibility, boosted speed, and the ability to spam your items for a limited time. Here is a guide on how to get it five times.

How To Activate Frenzy Five Times

Frenzy mode

Before being able to do it five times, here’s a quick rundown on how to activate it. You will need a specific character tied to a particular course to be able to use three items from hitting an item box. For example, if you have Rosalina during the Tokyo Tour, she is one of the characters who can get three items from an item box in the course SNES Rainbow Road.

Here are some other examples of characters and their respective courses to obtain three items for getting into Frenzy mode:

  • Peach (Kimono) – Tokyo Blur T, 3DS Mario Circuit
  • Peachette – 3DS Mario Circuit
  • Metal Mario – SNES Rainbow Road
  • Bowser – 3DS Neo Bowser City
  • Yoshi – GCN Yoshi Circuit

The process is simple, but it will require some time and RNG to activate Frenzy mode. It can take you a few minutes or up to an hour, depending on how long you intend to play. There is a way to make the process faster, and that is to use an Item Ticket (if you have some) before you get a chance to hit an item box.

You will eventually activate Frenzy mode if you get three of the same items, which can be coins, mushrooms, bananas, etc. Even if you do not get it within a day, the challenge will be around for 12 more days as of the time of this guide’s release.

As long as you manage to get into Frenzy mode five times, you will be rewarded coins and stars to unlock more items. Good luck!