Mario Kart Tour – Do 20 Jump Boosts In A Single Race


The new weekly challenges are here in Mario Kart Tour. The Tokyo Tour continues with even more challenges that you can use to earn Grand Stars and badges. In this guide, we will show you an easy way to get 20 jump boosts in a single race.

Mario Kart Tour – Do 20 Jump Boosts In A Single Race

You can do this challenge with any driver, kart, and glider; it doesn’t matter how you pick. The most important thing is your choice of course, and there is a single clear winner when it comes to getting this challenge done.

The very first race in the Tour, Tokyo Blur T in the Rosalina Cup, is by far the best choice for this one. The course is filled with ramps, jumps, and small obstacles in the road that you can drive over to get a jump boost.

Jump boosts are a small burst of speed that you get every time your kart jumps, no matter how small the jump is. The Tokyo Blur T is perfect because it has so many of these jump boost, causing obstacles. Just hop in the race with any driver, and you will be able to knock this one out easily. Just remember to hit all those small jumps on the left side of the track in the latter part of the course, and you will finish this one up in no time.

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